Travels Through Absence

Not so much as an exhibition as it were, but this summer I went to The Book Fayre in my village in support of a local’s book launch “Travels Through Absence”.

Not only were we greeted with a cup of wine, but we were delighted to have received a reading from Christopher Thomson. His book is a series of letters from lover to lover from different cities in the world. This makes it more universal; some of the feelings carried through, such as wishing their partner was there can be felt by all readers.

As he read, he had a projection of images from parts of the cities onto a small screen so we could hear the words paint a picture and then have a visual at the same time. After reading the chapter “Budapest” he then turns and says that he has prepared digital representations of his book. He presented “Berlin” as a digital form which is of a video of the train line through east and west Berlin. The audio of the city with the pauses for the dialogue, like a silent film. I find that this is a very engaging way of reading this chapter with the pauses and intervals in the same way as which you would write a letter, carefully choosing the words to write to paper.

Like I say, not exactly an exhibition, but Christopher Thomson’s artwork in terms of his photography, words and video were presented in a very intimate way.

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