Dear Robert – Joel Kantor

[WORK IN PROGRESS] ‘Dear Robert’ is Joel Kantor’s most recent iBook, released just earlier this month. “Along the way an exhibit, a letter or an award helped me to accept photography as a central part of my life.” (2010) Joel Kantor uses photography as a way to collect what he thinks is memorable and interesting; from looking at his work he has worked with subjects to tell their story. Such as an interview with an Auschwitz survivor who works as a shoemaker for his neighbourhood and also Dan Fenigstein, a survivor of torture from the Israeli Secret Service. Many of … Continue reading Dear Robert – Joel Kantor

Travels Through Absence

Not so much as an exhibition as it were, but this summer I went to The Book Fayre in my village in support of a local’s book launch “Travels Through Absence”. Not only were we greeted with a cup of wine, but we were delighted to have received a reading from Christopher Thomson. His book is a series of letters from lover to lover from different cities in the world. This makes it more universal; some of the feelings carried through, such as wishing their partner was there can be felt by all readers. As he read, he had a … Continue reading Travels Through Absence