Stuart Whipps

I visited the Ikon Gallery in 2011 to see Stuart Whipps’ installation ‘Uncatagorised Boxes’. The work was eluding to the short-lived architectural culture of Birmingham. Architect John Madin saw more than one of his buildings get demolished in his lifetime, and all the remains are the archives of the plans for them. Paper has outlived the brick. What is the purpose of  Stuart Whipps’ work? I think it is curiosity of the archive: what is inside these boxes? Viewers to Whipps’ work are left unknowing. But these boxes hold part of the landscape of Birmingham’s past. In an interview with … Continue reading Stuart Whipps

IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Yesterday Emma and I started to set up the Ikon in Northfield Showcase. We had a plan to have three projections, three macs, a floor drawing, acetate drawings on a lightbox and maps. However, throughout the day with the tech team we had to adjust the plan using different projectors, more Macs and deciding to frame part of the floor drawing to hang. I had the role of uploading the slideshows onto each Mac and ordering them so that it would be more engaging for the viewer. The portraits which the community centres did with professional cameras are the main … Continue reading IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase


I got my film processed today and selected the reshoots: although some were not as successful as I had maybe hoped. I have made the decision changing some of the images around from digital to 35mm colour film. I have selected these images to be changed. I prefer the aesthetics of the film and the colour. I think film makes me work more slowly and more precisely. Although, unfortunately, I do have now a print I am not going to be using for my final image, it is certainly similar and has given me the ability to place it as … Continue reading Film

Travels Through Absence

Not so much as an exhibition as it were, but this summer I went to The Book Fayre in my village in support of a local’s book launch “Travels Through Absence”. Not only were we greeted with a cup of wine, but we were delighted to have received a reading from Christopher Thomson. His book is a series of letters from lover to lover from different cities in the world. This makes it more universal; some of the feelings carried through, such as wishing their partner was there can be felt by all readers. As he read, he had a … Continue reading Travels Through Absence

Foto8: Dana Popa

For one month only, Dana Popa‘s series ‘After The New Man’ is being exhibited in Foto8 Gallery on Honduras Street in London. Her series of work goes round the foyer of the gallery; a space with white walls and laminate flooring. Her photographs started at the window and worked their way around the room. Each image was numbered and this number’s caption was on an A4 handout that was given to us by the intern there. Many of he photographs on the smaller walls were in triptychs: a landscape that was smaller, in-between two portraits. I felt that, with the … Continue reading Foto8: Dana Popa

Elly Clarke: Meter Room

Just a quick note. Keep connected, you are never alone, never alone with a mobile phone in your pocket – Excerpt from Instantaneous Culture, by Berlin band Theodor Storm I went to the Meter Room in Coventry for the launch of the ‘Mobility Project‘ by Clarke Galleries. I don’t know if it is something that Clarke looks for, but yet gain this is a space that is pretty cold to be stood around in! Walking into unused office building the walls are white, the floor is tiled and it is all generally feeling pretty sad. The first piece of work … Continue reading Elly Clarke: Meter Room

Ikon Gallery

So I’ve just got back from the  Ikon Gallery’s opening night of the new exhibitions. After taking an extremely long route from Birmingham New Street Station, we managed to find ourselves in Brindley Place looking at a beautiful building. Had it not been absolutely freezing, and had I was not in desperate need for wine, I would have documented the moment. I will get a shot at a later date and will probably go back to this exhibition anyway out of pure interest.  Inside was the photographic works of Stuart Whipps, John Myers and Dean Kelland. The most interesting work … Continue reading Ikon Gallery