Photobook Evaluation

After having received my photobooks, I have a few comments I would like to make on it in terms of its design and feel. I am overall very impressed with the look of the book: the title is embossed into the dark grey leather giving it a very high quality finish. It arrived in a cloth bag and a box which fits to size as well. Neither of these are important for the exhibition as the book will be presented on its own.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 23.26.44
Photo: Stephen MA

The book has thick pages and opens flat so that the pages don’t curve causing light reflection. I feel that this is suitable for an ehibition piece for this reason as it acts as something weightier than a coffee-table book. The idea is that it is big so that it is noticed and interacted with. As previously mentioned, I included text in the book which is the dictation of my audio recordings with Jinx talking about the archive. I have always been aware that this was going to be problematic with a physical book. I printed off the sizes of text onto A4 and decided on the appropriate size; however, the the text in the book looks much larger than I had expected. This I am extremely gutted about. I wish I had set it to two PTs smaller so that the text didn’t disturb the pictures. Yet, on the other hand I understand that this is an exhibition piece and that viewers will not be sitting with it and enjoying it the same way that they would at home. In this sense it is less of a problem than it seems. I hope that in context with the other work it will not look too out of place. This is a dreadful mistake of mine, but I have to note the mistake and learn from it from now on.

I am pleased that I will be making an iBook copy; this is because it is the more relevant way to share the story with the actual audio and included videos. I just felt that having a one-off book in the exhibition would be nicer. In many ways I feel that I should have printed and hand bound the book myself, but at the same time, I have found myself with less time than anticipated to have done it with a high quality finish. But still, as a piece of work, I am pleased to have it in my portfolio to start my career.

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