Photobook Evaluation

After having received my photobooks, I have a few comments I would like to make on it in terms of its design and feel. I am overall very impressed with the look of the book: the title is embossed into the dark grey leather giving it a very high quality finish. It arrived in a cloth bag and a box which fits to size as well. Neither of these are important for the exhibition as the book will be presented on its own. The book has thick pages and opens flat so that the pages don’t curve causing light reflection. … Continue reading Photobook Evaluation

Archive Fever

I have been referring to book Archive Fever by Derrida. However, the most important aspect which I have taken from the book is that archives are a remote house for our memories. We can imprint them on documents and manuscripts, file them away. “psychic archive distinct from spontaneous memory” ( pg.19). The documentation of memory onto something external from the mind means that once the mind, or person, has passed, their memory lives in the archive. In this sense, I have been working with a projection of George’s memory, the memory he projected onto manuscripts. I have been sorting through his prints … Continue reading Archive Fever


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Peer Feedback

Last week before I quickly rushed off to Kent I presented the first draft of my symposium. I wasn’t happy with having to present something to rushed and not ready to actually be read aloud. I also wasn’t prepared visually: with a topic that in its nature isn’t really visual there weren’t any pictures I could point to exactly. I wasn’t there for my feedback, but George emailed me what my peers thought and his own comments as well:  •    A lot of research/content but a bit overwhelming   •    too factual and a lot to keep up with … Continue reading Peer Feedback

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– – – – – My seemingly unyielding exhaustion and I called a truce long enough today for me to pick up the Hasselblad and take a few Polaroid photos of spots around the apartment.  I’m now slumped back in bed, beneath the covers, typing groggily and hoping that restfulness returns to me soon. – – – – – – Continue reading

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– – – – – Such beautiful light.  I’m going to miss you! Starting this fall: weekends in DC/VA/MD.  Including, hopefully, this place.  I’m looking forward to taking photos in slightly different suburban light and climes.  Fingers crossed that it’ll be as lush and green as central New Jersey proved to be. – – – – – – – – – – – – Continue reading

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– – – – – It’s a strange feeling to be in your hometown, where you spent just about all of your childhood, and not stay with family.  For four days a couple of weeks ago, J and I retreated to the hills in Echo Park, to a self-described ‘granny flat‘ that we’d found on airbnb.  (You can see the listing here.)  In the mornings, J would head outside to the backyard to get a bit of work done; I’d laze about in bed, then putter around with the cameras.  We spent our days in… Continue reading