How to: paint with light on your smart phone.

1) Download ‘Slow Camera’ from App Store

photo 2

2) Tap ‘Light Trail’ for more settings- change your shutter to 15 seconds. This means that there is more lights coming into the camera because the shutter is open for longer. Change your aperture to 1/32 or 1/64 this means that the hole which the light is getting through to the camera is smaller and allows less light in: this will make sure that there isn’t loads of light pouring in to the picture…photo 3

3) Get a small torch or light object.

4) Place your phone/iPod/iPad on a flat steady surface and click the capture button (the camera)

5) Switch the camera so you can see yourself on the screen – paint yourself with the light from the torch like this:

6) Try to keep still

7) Press the right arrow key when finish and download/share on Instagram. 🙂

photo 18) PLAY! Try changing the settings and see what happens.

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