How to: paint with light on your smart phone.

1) Download ‘Slow Camera’ from App Store 2) Tap ‘Light Trail’ for more settings- change your shutter to 15 seconds. This means that there is more lights coming into the camera because the shutter is open for longer. Change your aperture to 1/32 or 1/64 this means that the hole which the light is getting through to the camera is smaller and allows less light in: this will make sure that there isn’t loads of light pouring in to the picture… 3) Get a small torch or light object. 4) Place your phone/iPod/iPad on a flat steady surface and click … Continue reading How to: paint with light on your smart phone.

2013 Reflection

So we’ve made it to the eve of 2014 and when I stop to reflect on this last year, I just think wow. I think that this year has been such a stepping stone for me personally and professionally. In short, this year I exhibited my work twice, once internationally. I handmade two photobooks. I worked in an Art gallery as an intern. I met some fabulous new people. I entered a photobook competition. I’ve met Jinx Rodger and started looking with her at George Rodger’s archive. I have been employed as a research assistant for Jonathan Worth. I’m a … Continue reading 2013 Reflection

Santander PHOTO

Seven level two photography students are taking the last steps in organising their trip to Santander. Following the success of the #Picbod13 Exhibition at Fargo in Coventry, two remote students on the course have been working collaboratively with the students organising another exhibition overseas.   The Picbod course, led by Matt Johnston, was a hit, engaging audiences online from all over the world. Charo Ruiz Davila and Ana Martin are two remote students from Santander, who both took part in the weekly tasks and were valuable for online feedback as well as supporting the exhibition in Coventry. Their encouragement did … Continue reading Santander PHOTO

#Picbod The Empowered Portrait

Anthony Luvera assisting homeless people with self portraits meant that he did not take away a photograph with solely his photographic voice. The assistance meant that he was on hand technically and could guide them, but the sitters themselves dictated how they wanted to be perceived. George set this week’s task, the ‘Empowered Portrait’ to teach someone the technicalities of taking a considered photograph. I decided to work with my Grandad, Reg: he’s 85 and larger than life. When I told him about the project I explained that I would teach him how to use a DSLR as opposed any … Continue reading #Picbod The Empowered Portrait