Working with Light

Although I co-write and teach photography classes, it seems pretty hypocritical with how little I seriously take photos. I did for the #Phonar class in the autumn, but my heart hasn’t been into picking up the camera since over a year ago when I did my Picbod work, Unwelcome Invitation. I look at my work then and I see lots of flaws in the aesthetics of the pictures and only regret not ‘shooting more’. With a three day shoot planned with Jinx in a couple of weeks time, which I know the lighting conditions are going to be problematic with … Continue reading Working with Light

#Picbod Digital Artefact

Not only did we have to make a physical artefact ready for exhibition, but also an appropriate digital version. The digital version should not be just a scan of the artefact as the magic would be lost. As I made a photobook and spent quite a lot of time designing and making it, I decided to document the production of it- this is something the physical artefact does not explain on its own. Therefore, it is a different experience for an online viewer. I asked Alex Mason and Joseph Kesisoglou to informally interview me on camera so that they could ask … Continue reading #Picbod Digital Artefact

#Picbod: Editing and Designing the Photobook

Such a long process it has been to create my photobook now entitled ‘unwelcome Invitation’. Original Idea: To narrow the horizon between photographer and viewer as intruders, I wanted the portraits to be hidden inside envelopes to be opened up. However, to break this up I wanted to include ‘rests’ of artefacts within the homes attached to the portraits.  The rests also acts as a second reading of people’s relationships with their homes and the decoration of the home. Paper quality: For me, I wanted to have a rustic feel to the photobook with texture playing a vital role. I wanted … Continue reading #Picbod: Editing and Designing the Photobook