350MC Research Presentation

Title: Does Archive Information Want To Be Free? Firstly, I wanted to research into why archives are important and why we keep them: I found a document from Stephen Plant from University of London who says archives “form a unique and indispensable record for researchers”. Stephen Plant is the records manager at UoL; from this it can be inferred that he has a great deal of knowledge about records, archives and how they are catalogued and managed. Yet, the nature of his work automatically makes us assume that of course he is going to suggest that keeping archives is a positive … Continue reading 350MC Research Presentation

Research Proposal

After months of taking a general interest in the future of digital archiving, including the challenges it faces as physical archives are fast approaching their expiration, I have come to my second revised version of my research proposal. The first being very broad: I wanted to look into the technicalities of what it means to have a usable websites for a user to experience the archive and its contents. I found that there was a serious definition between the commercial and publicly funded archives in terms of their design. However, after much deliberation and talking to Aaron Guy (North of … Continue reading Research Proposal

Hillfields’ Homeless

How can I get into the community? I need to think of more than one approach to do this. Hillfields is indeed a dangerous place so approaching people on the street or wondering round with a camera is going to be threatening. However,  because of the area there are organisations such as for the homeless. I am going to speak to the Coventry Day Care for the Homeless on Bird Street to find out more information of the organisation and see if this is a window of opportunity. Just finding this article in the Coventry Telegraph, posted yesterday, suggests that … Continue reading Hillfields’ Homeless


For the Autumn I have been instructed to research one particular area. I have chosen the district of Hillfields in Coventry. I live on the cusp on the area and am familiar with the area. What comes to mind when thinking about the area is: students, crime, prostitution, hospital and the Kasbah nightclub. To start my research, a quick Wikipedia search and google maps. I found out the history that Hilfields was originally named Harnall, a place of high standard living from the Local Board of Health survey in 1850. However; leading up to WW2, the upkeep of the area … Continue reading Research

Considering Still Life

Revisit your chosen location again devoid of human presence. This time you should look for the evidence of it’s erstwhile inhabitants and produce a series of photographic still-lives of this subject matter.  You can document the artefacts in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof, the crucial thing is that when we look at these items they should appear as something entirely new to us and drenched in the magic of your location and redolent of the way that you see the world.  I was thinking about how I could make … Continue reading Considering Still Life