Research Proposal

After months of taking a general interest in the future of digital archiving, including the challenges it faces as physical archives are fast approaching their expiration, I have come to my second revised version of my research proposal. The first being very broad: I wanted to look into the technicalities of what it means to have a usable websites for a user to experience the archive and its contents. I found that there was a serious definition between the commercial and publicly funded archives in terms of their design. However, after much deliberation and talking to Aaron Guy (North of … Continue reading Research Proposal


Studies show that between 2006 and 2007 8740 households in the West Midlands were classified as homeless. My photographic project ‘Street Homes’ looks at the open space in which the rough sleepers of Coventry inhibit.   Although it is not illegal to be ‘homeless’, it is illegal to sleep on the streets and beg. Thus, the Police ‘move-on’ the street sleepers. I have photographed where I know the rough sleepers have sat and slept throughout their homelessness.   You and I live lives where we sleep in a warm bed, eat hot dinners and have our home comforts. However, a … Continue reading Presentation_Synopsis

Hopeful Day

I’ve decided that since working with film for my personal work recently, I’ve been more complacent with digital. Thus, although I have a digital photo printed for the scale of the work in the site I would like it exhibited, I today have reshot some of my images on 35mm colour film. On my way to one of my locations I noticed Matthew sat again, I caught his eye and he asked me over. He asked me how my day was and I returned the favour for him to tell me “today could be my lucky day”. He told me … Continue reading Hopeful Day


    Christopher Thomson: Travels Through Absence Harminder Judge: In This Strange House   Getting to an exhibition of any sort from where I live in the heart of Lincolnshire is pretty much a full week excursion. However, I thought I would make the most of what the area had to offer so I went to a book launch by a local author Christopher Thomson’s book ‘Travels Through Absence”. His book is a compilation of letters from anonymous lover to  lover from different cities Thomson has visited; using the place as a metaphor for the emotions two people feel for each … Continue reading Presentation

Title and Presentation

Because I have edited the photographs as pairs and also as a whole, I thought that making my set of images in the form of a concertina book would be ideal: this way the images can be viewed two ways. Because of my theme of a claustrophobic space, I thought that I would therefore light my book to be small and the images to have narrow borders. I therefore chose to place the images in Photoshop 10cm by 10cm with a 0.5cm border. With 14 images I wanted to print them in sets of 7, I had to consider where … Continue reading Title and Presentation

In Harmony

This is how I would like my final images to be presented; ideally the contact strip would be continuous so that the story of how we live was not so segregated and more continuous. I would not want this series to have any information given to the viewer; I don’t think that the they need to know the ins and outs but come to their own conclusion.   – Kate Green, 2011   Continue reading In Harmony