Santander PHOTO

Seven level two photography students are taking the last steps in organising their trip to Santander. Following the success of the #Picbod13 Exhibition at Fargo in Coventry, two remote students on the course have been working collaboratively with the students organising another exhibition overseas.   The Picbod course, led by Matt Johnston, was a hit, engaging audiences online from all over the world. Charo Ruiz Davila and Ana Martin are two remote students from Santander, who both took part in the weekly tasks and were valuable for online feedback as well as supporting the exhibition in Coventry. Their encouragement did … Continue reading Santander PHOTO

#Picbod Digital Artefact

Not only did we have to make a physical artefact ready for exhibition, but also an appropriate digital version. The digital version should not be just a scan of the artefact as the magic would be lost. As I made a photobook and spent quite a lot of time designing and making it, I decided to document the production of it- this is something the physical artefact does not explain on its own. Therefore, it is a different experience for an online viewer. I asked Alex Mason and Joseph Kesisoglou to informally interview me on camera so that they could ask … Continue reading #Picbod Digital Artefact

#Picbod13 Exhibition

Although the #Picbod13 installation is not quite complete, we’re almost there!! The two day event opens on Friday 8th March with a big celebration of 32 Coventry University students’ work along side the work of the remote students across the world. Without shadow of a doubt, I definitely put my all into the exhibition, with its success at the forefront of my mind. I feel that I have worked hard trying to get as much as possible ready for the exhibition alongside my own studies. As part of the secretary team, it was my role to make sure that each … Continue reading #Picbod13 Exhibition

#Picbod Jonathan Worth “Negotiation”

Jonathan Worth asked the class whether we think of ourselves as photographers, oddly few raised their hands. He then asked us what is a photographer? The discussion varies between a ‘professional editorial photographer’ to an author, telling photographic narratives. They say that there are a thousand words to every picture after all. How much can we as photographers tell a viewer without words? Or how could words completely change a perception of an image? These are questions I thought about during the first part of the lecture.   Jonathan shown us a video by the founder of VII magazine, Stephen … Continue reading #Picbod Jonathan Worth “Negotiation”

Digital Artefact Research

As I have made my physical artefact, a photobook, I decided that I wanted to create a digital video explaining the design while showing the production of the book. However, I felt that I wanted to look at other short films beforehand. Firstly, I looked at Ed Kashi’s ‘Eye Contact’. The video is a photofilm of the series of work with a voice overlay of Ed’s thoughts about how he created the set and the themes surrounding it. I liked how there was the information about the themes eloquently spoken over the images; however, I felt that filming my photobook … Continue reading Digital Artefact Research

#Picbod: Editing and Designing the Photobook

Such a long process it has been to create my photobook now entitled ‘unwelcome Invitation’. Original Idea: To narrow the horizon between photographer and viewer as intruders, I wanted the portraits to be hidden inside envelopes to be opened up. However, to break this up I wanted to include ‘rests’ of artefacts within the homes attached to the portraits.  The rests also acts as a second reading of people’s relationships with their homes and the decoration of the home. Paper quality: For me, I wanted to have a rustic feel to the photobook with texture playing a vital role. I wanted … Continue reading #Picbod: Editing and Designing the Photobook

Michelle Sank – Into the Arms of Babes

Michelle Sank came to Coventry University on Thursday to talk about her photographic works. She spoke of her relationship with light and how she is drawn to light from the coast, as it reminds her of the colour richness from her upbringing in South Africa. However, for me, I was drawn to the indoor portraits from ‘Into the Arms of Babes’. This collection explores the community of teenage pregnancy; often dismissed by society as improper, Sank wanted to display this issue with a more open and forgiving attitude.   Sank discussed how she values the relationship between people and their … Continue reading Michelle Sank – Into the Arms of Babes

Chattanooga: The Green Factory (Pierre Bessard)

Chattanooga- The Green Factory. The Green Factory is a self publication by French photographer Pierre Bessard. He travelled to Chattanooga in America to explore more of the neighbourhood the residence has created. The photobook comprises of family portraits within their homes, personal stories and architectural photography. The Green Factory is a neighbourhood which challenges the stereotype of Americans being the carbon giants, as this community lives by eco-friendly means. Bessard regards himself as lucky to have been so welcomed by the community, trusting him to enter into their homes and photograph them. Interestingly, as I looked through the book and … Continue reading Chattanooga: The Green Factory (Pierre Bessard)

#picbod 120mm Film

Needless to say that I have been disappointed post-development with some of my shots. Although I have not scanned them all, I found that the development was not quite accurate on some of the images to which I’m massively upset. I am reasonably happy with the below images, although the one of my grandfather stood up is a little fogged. With these images of Natalie and Jess, I feel that not only would they work better with Natalie on her own, but I would like to photograph her next to the door and a little less hidden behind the fridge. … Continue reading #picbod 120mm Film

#picbod Digital before the film

Although I have been shooting on 120mm film, I have made backups with digital, just in case. So not only have I been thinking about my subjects, but also artefacts within rooms of their homes. I have selected my favourite images from what I took on digital. I feel that these images could be used as fillers or to pair with portraits as some portraits will not fit together suitably. Like in the way Bessard uses architecture, text and portraiture, I feel that having more visual context may add to the idea of intrusion; but at the same time, it … Continue reading #picbod Digital before the film