Cinema Reseach 1960s

From reading the Chief’s log I was not in the understanding of what ‘Rank’ was. So I looked up on Wikipedia that ‘Rank Organisation’ was a big British cinema company: The company grew quickly, largely through acquisition. Significant developments included: 1938 – Odeon Cinemas was purchased 1939 – Denham Film Studios were merged with the facilities at Pinewood and the Amalgamated Studios in Borehamwood were acquired, but not used for making films. 1941 – Purchase of the Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, which also owned Gainsborough Pictures, 251 cinemas and the Lime Grove Studios. 1942 – UK sites of Paramount Cinemas purchased Late 1940s – A majority shareholding in Allied Cinemas and Irish Cinemas Ltd was gained, … Continue reading Cinema Reseach 1960s