Lives of the First World War

The Imperial War Museum are calling for stories, documents and pictures of the people served, held by families today. Their aim by the centenary for the IWM  is to have 8 million personal stories built on a digital platform using multi mediums. The project – called Lives of the First World War and launching next February – will see the museum returning to its founding purpose but adapting to the internet age, in what is believed to be the biggest trawl for historical information ever undertaken. Undeniably, there is this sense today that if we digitise archives, that this is a simple … Continue reading Lives of the First World War

Making a decision

Because of other commitments, coupled with having difficulties when working through a charity whose priorities are more important than a photography student’s interest, I have had to change my approach to the homeless. I thought that I would run into this problem; this project, as I want it to turn out, is going to take a lot more time. So then I can allow myself time to gain access to the lives of the homeless, vesting in their trust before photographing them and their possessions. I am now in contact with Dean O’Brien who volunteers for Kervin Julien who helps … Continue reading Making a decision

Ordering and Theme

After editing my photographs I came to the conclusion that there was a negative feel to my images; the two characters seem cramped in one space, but it is not ever clear what the space actually looks like or where the people are within it. Considering my narrative, I decided to keep it simply going from morning to evening: there isn’t a pivotal moment within the images that could show a change of events; the images seem to be very ‘still’ as if to say that this life being confined to one space is endless without progressing; yet there is … Continue reading Ordering and Theme

Perspectives 2012: Anna Shteynshleyger: International Center of Photography

Perspectives 2012: Anna Shteynshleyger, Greg Girard, Chien-Chi Chang | International Center of Photography. What an exhibition! I am very glad that I got to saw this- especially the work of Anna Shteynshleyger with her work ‘City of Destiny’. Born in 1977 and studied Master of Fine Arts at Yale University Shteynshleyger has a passion for her photography. In this body of work, she admits it’s a personal collection; however, this is at her discretion and purposefully curated her work so that the viewer would not have a preconceived idea, rather to make their own conclusion with the narrative she is … Continue reading Perspectives 2012: Anna Shteynshleyger: International Center of Photography