Ref:1181 Chief Operator’s Log

Chief Operator’s Log 1966 Sunday 1st May¬† First day as resident chief Saturday 2nd May Mr Garcia lostsound on PT1 of feature. change over the share amplifiers. Still no sound. Found solder join dry, remained same and carried on with programme. Report sent to H.O Sunday 15th May checked amplifier and as not happy with first stage Saturday 19th May Childrens programmes shown by Mr Garcia. A very late finish 12.20. Started week programme 12.48. Very bad. Sunday 2rd July until Wednesday 6th uly Mr Garcia on holiday Tuesday 2nd August Projection room cleaned and stairways swept and polished (and … Continue reading Ref:1181 Chief Operator’s Log

Accessing Archvies

On Tuesday 29th October 2013, I went to the Herbert Gallery to enquire about doing some archive research on the cinema industry in Coventry. I have been interested in the cinema industry all my life, being a daughter of a cinema proprietor. Coventry was famous for having such a booming cinema industry in the 20th Century. So, I entered nervously to find an elderly man with glasses sliding down his nose (pretty much the epitome of an academic really!). He wasn’t very welcoming and I felt as if I was being a¬†nuisance: I have never been to a local archive … Continue reading Accessing Archvies