Lois ‘Jinx’ Rodger Biography

Lois ‘Jinx’ Witherspoon was born in 1925 into a world of adventure. In a conversation with Jinx, I learnt a lot about her life with travel, photography, Magnum and, of course, her husband George. “I’m a travel-ist by birth, I started travelling when I was one month old and probably never stopped, my father was a missionary and he was posted all over the place and we went with him. So travel was it and Africa I had never been to. I loved hearing about Africa from George” Shortly after finishing her degree in New Mexico, Jinx headed to New … Continue reading Lois ‘Jinx’ Rodger Biography

2013 Reflection

So we’ve made it to the eve of 2014 and when I stop to reflect on this last year, I just think wow. I think that this year has been such a stepping stone for me personally and professionally. In short, this year I exhibited my work twice, once internationally. I handmade two photobooks. I worked in an Art gallery as an intern. I met some fabulous new people. I entered a photobook competition. I’ve met Jinx Rodger and started looking with her at George Rodger’s archive. I have been employed as a research assistant for Jonathan Worth. I’m a … Continue reading 2013 Reflection