Research: Getty Images

In 1995, Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein founded Getty Images to bring the fragmented stock photography business into the digital age. And that’s exactly what they did. We were the first company to license imagery online – and have continued to drive the industry forward with breakthrough licensing models, digital media management tools and a comprehensive offering of creative and editorial imagery, microstock, footage and music. Companies and individuals pay Getty Images for their stock photography/licensed work to accompany their business/blog/CD etc. The company prides itself on offering the best digital images to its clients. Therefore, it is of little … Continue reading Research: Getty Images

Just an update

Naturally, been taking more photographs of more hands. I feel though that I need a wider range of age and race. However, nevertheless I can find stories to pair with the hands very easily. Yet, I do not want similar stories. Therefore this is making me consider just how many photographs I would like to present. I feel that the message will be made very clear by how similar the series is with one clear theme. Therefore, I do not want to ‘bore’ my viewer so that they will simply flick through so many stories that the message diminishes. I … Continue reading Just an update


Appropriation is taking someone else’s images and making your own. We change the meaning and the context. I used the images of Melissa Santos which she took over the Christmas season. The photographs on the whole were of how she was socialising with her friends away from University. Similarly there were also many images that were taken from a car, in a similar way to Todd Hido. However, there was this one image of a man looking over a city scape (London) with the low sun which automatically makes me think of winter. How the year closes to an end and … Continue reading Appropriation