Stuart Whipps

I visited the Ikon Gallery in 2011 to see Stuart Whipps’ installation ‘Uncatagorised Boxes’. The work was eluding to the short-lived architectural culture of Birmingham. Architect John Madin saw more than one of his buildings get demolished in his lifetime, and all the remains are the archives of the plans for them. Paper has outlived the brick. What is the purpose of  Stuart Whipps’ work? I think it is curiosity of the archive: what is inside these boxes? Viewers to Whipps’ work are left unknowing. But these boxes hold part of the landscape of Birmingham’s past. In an interview with … Continue reading Stuart Whipps

Ikon Tuesday and Friday

What I did on Tuesday is written in my log (uploaded a picture). I felt that on Tuesday I have learnt more about meetings and appreciating how to use other people’s skills to a project’s advantage. Such as going to see Robin and Harry about prints and speaking to marketing about what best is appropriate in terms of what they feel is good advertisement. On Friday I was not in for too long. I was supposed to go in on Wednesday, but unfortunately the adverse weather dictated otherwise. Emma made a list of things to do which included writing a … Continue reading Ikon Tuesday and Friday

Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery

Last night was the launch of Streuli’s exhibition of his street photography named ‘New Street’. Spread over two floors there was a collection of 3 metre tall prints, 3 metre tall projections, 90s television sets and flat screens. The multimedia still and moving images gave a great aesthetic to the work, giving it movement and portraying movement of time. On the first floor was his series between Sydney, Brussels, New York, São Paulo, Guangzhou and Cape Town. These were 3 metre tall prints which were attached together like a film strip. For me this indicated a continuum of a narrative in … Continue reading Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery

Ikon Gallery MkII

Although I have emailed the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham requesting more information of how galleries work, I am going to return to speak to someone in person. Until such a time, on the website I came across a page of how to get work exhibited: How do I exhibit my artwork at Ikon? Ikon has a proposal procedure which artists are asked to follow. The gallery welcomes exhibition proposals at any time and reviews take place each quarter. Artists wishing to submit an exhibition proposal should follow the guidelines below. Please note that Ikon cannot acknowledge the receipt of proposals … Continue reading Ikon Gallery MkII

Ikon Gallery

So I’ve just got back from the  Ikon Gallery’s opening night of the new exhibitions. After taking an extremely long route from Birmingham New Street Station, we managed to find ourselves in Brindley Place looking at a beautiful building. Had it not been absolutely freezing, and had I was not in desperate need for wine, I would have documented the moment. I will get a shot at a later date and will probably go back to this exhibition anyway out of pure interest.  Inside was the photographic works of Stuart Whipps, John Myers and Dean Kelland. The most interesting work … Continue reading Ikon Gallery