Stuart Whipps

I visited the Ikon Gallery in 2011 to see Stuart Whipps’ installation ‘Uncatagorised Boxes’. The work was eluding to the short-lived architectural culture of Birmingham. Architect John Madin saw more than one of his buildings get demolished in his lifetime, and all the remains are the archives of the plans for them. Paper has outlived the brick. What is the purpose of  Stuart Whipps’ work? I think it is curiosity of the archive: what is inside these boxes? Viewers to Whipps’ work are left unknowing. But these boxes hold part of the landscape of Birmingham’s past. In an interview with … Continue reading Stuart Whipps

Ikon Gallery Experience

After being given a week off, I came back with the hopes of lots to do, knowing that the next exhibition of Flaxman and Novikov would be opening this week. From what I have been told, this week usually is really stressful; however, they had it all under control. So, on my day at Ikon I was sorting out the Resource Room again; tidying it up and creating text panels to give more context to the work exhibited. I would say that this was not hugely challenging: I used basic photoshop tools and had to guillotine the text panels to … Continue reading Ikon Gallery Experience

Beat Streuli in Conversation @Ikon

So last Wednesday, Beat Streuli came back to Ikon Gallery in Birmingham for a conversation with Jonathan Watkins about his recent exhibition ‘New Street’. In this there was the discussion about the work in itself and how Streuli has changed his vision over the years with the digital paradigm shift. For me, an important point he mentioned was that he stays clear of what has been done over and over, because how can he better it. Some themes have been over done. As part of my Internship, I was asked to photograph this event for Ikon’s archive and newsletters. I … Continue reading Beat Streuli in Conversation @Ikon

IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Yesterday Emma and I started to set up the Ikon in Northfield Showcase. We had a plan to have three projections, three macs, a floor drawing, acetate drawings on a lightbox and maps. However, throughout the day with the tech team we had to adjust the plan using different projectors, more Macs and deciding to frame part of the floor drawing to hang. I had the role of uploading the slideshows onto each Mac and ordering them so that it would be more engaging for the viewer. The portraits which the community centres did with professional cameras are the main … Continue reading IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery

Last night was the launch of Streuli’s exhibition of his street photography named ‘New Street’. Spread over two floors there was a collection of 3 metre tall prints, 3 metre tall projections, 90s television sets and flat screens. The multimedia still and moving images gave a great aesthetic to the work, giving it movement and portraying movement of time. On the first floor was his series between Sydney, Brussels, New York, São Paulo, Guangzhou and Cape Town. These were 3 metre tall prints which were attached together like a film strip. For me this indicated a continuum of a narrative in … Continue reading Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery