George Rodger – Village of the Nubas

Cover : Village of the Nuba by George Rodger Phaidon Publishing This book is a celebration of George Rodger’s work from the Nuba tribes in 1940s Africa. It is the newer addition of the original book by George from 1955. It contains George’s own written pieces and of course, his photography from tribal Africa. The introduction explores George’s desire to be a pro-humanist photographer, like many other photographers from the post-war period. It highlights points in George’s Life Magazine career, including the devastating effect of photographing Bergen Belson. It goes on to describing George’s ability to take a whole story … Continue reading George Rodger – Village of the Nubas

Lois ‘Jinx’ Rodger Biography

Lois ‘Jinx’ Witherspoon was born in 1925 into a world of adventure. In a conversation with Jinx, I learnt a lot about her life with travel, photography, Magnum and, of course, her husband George. “I’m a travel-ist by birth, I started travelling when I was one month old and probably never stopped, my father was a missionary and he was posted all over the place and we went with him. So travel was it and Africa I had never been to. I loved hearing about Africa from George” Shortly after finishing her degree in New Mexico, Jinx headed to New … Continue reading Lois ‘Jinx’ Rodger Biography

George Rodger Biography

George Rodger was one of the founding members of the highly acclaimed Magnum Photos which was established in 1947. Robert Capa and himself, once photographers for Time & Life Magazine, imagined a photographic career not dictated and copyrighted by magazines, but under their own names. Magnum Photos has now been running for 67 years, Jinx Rodger, George’s wife recalls the early Magnum days with blissful nostalgia and she says “it was sort of like a club,” in conversation with me. Taken from Jon Rodger’s website, George Rodger Photographs, and with inclusions of my other research, here is a short biography … Continue reading George Rodger Biography

2013 Reflection

So we’ve made it to the eve of 2014 and when I stop to reflect on this last year, I just think wow. I think that this year has been such a stepping stone for me personally and professionally. In short, this year I exhibited my work twice, once internationally. I handmade two photobooks. I worked in an Art gallery as an intern. I met some fabulous new people. I entered a photobook competition. I’ve met Jinx Rodger and started looking with her at George Rodger’s archive. I have been employed as a research assistant for Jonathan Worth. I’m a … Continue reading 2013 Reflection

The Subversive

sub·ver·sive adj. Intended or serving to subvert, especially intended to overthrow or undermine an established government: “Sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities” (Erica Jong). n. One who advocates or is regarded as advocating subversion When talking about subversiveness in terms of the creative field, the possibilities are endless. George Rodger was a pioneer in the subversive: choosing not only to avoid the typical propaganda shots of wartime and telling real stories of real people. He didn’t want his ideology twisted by magazines/newspapers and he developed his film just how he wanted. George Rodger went against working as … Continue reading The Subversive