Tutorial with Jonathan Shaw

Two weeks or so before the symposium I spoke with Jonathan Shaw after he tweeted me about his interest in my research and wanted to ask a few questions so that I was on the right track. @KateGreen28 Hi Kate, just thinking of your archive research project, are you touching on ideas of ‘taxonomy’ ‘licensing’ ‘audience’ aswell? — Jonathan Shaw (@time_motion) February 7, 2014 I explained to him what I was discussing, but he reminded me that I must really remember that of course archives have been ‘opening’ and ‘digitising’ for a long time. So focussing my argument on the … Continue reading Tutorial with Jonathan Shaw

350MC Research Presentation

Title: Does Archive Information Want To Be Free? Firstly, I wanted to research into why archives are important and why we keep them: I found a document from Stephen Plant from University of London who says archives “form a unique and indispensable record for researchers”. Stephen Plant is the records manager at UoL; from this it can be inferred that he has a great deal of knowledge about records, archives and how they are catalogued and managed. Yet, the nature of his work automatically makes us assume that of course he is going to suggest that keeping archives is a positive … Continue reading 350MC Research Presentation

Flickr: The Commons

In conversation with Aaron Guy (my archive guru) he recalled the Sunderland University Photography Conference from 2011 and how some talks/papers may be of use to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for his effort in helping me retrieve this information: he successfully got the webpage of the talk back online to browse. The last section of talks was called: The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0. Under this heading I uncovered the paper ‘Flickr the Commons: Challenging Perceptions of Photographic Collections? Summary of talk: Social Media Platforms “generate broad interest on a large scale” Social Media Platforms encourages … Continue reading Flickr: The Commons

Laura Makabresku

  I have recently signed up to Tumblr, and this is a whole new realm of photo sharing: I have found this Photographer, Laura. Her work is  personal and generally explores herself as the subject. However, it is not this that drew me to her photographs. The tones that is in her photographs from the light is glorious!   This photograph to me is just exquisite! On the eye the soft tones created from the light outside highlights the subject and also created a deep shadow highlighting how outside seems to hold more hope. Laura’s work, is an inspiration: her … Continue reading Laura Makabresku