Thinking about Books

I have decided that I am to have two separate exhibitions, so to speak. One digital, one physical. I was having the dilemma as to maximise all of the media I’ve collected for the project and couldn’t think of a way of making it all work in one small space in a group exhibition. This meant that I looked to using the video and sound for the web to create web presence for the project and then very much have a physical exhibition. I am into books; I have been trying to make books with projects where I can. I … Continue reading Thinking about Books

Santander PHOTO

Seven level two photography students are taking the last steps in organising their trip to Santander. Following the success of the #Picbod13 Exhibition at Fargo in Coventry, two remote students on the course have been working collaboratively with the students organising another exhibition overseas.   The Picbod course, led by Matt Johnston, was a hit, engaging audiences online from all over the world. Charo Ruiz Davila and Ana Martin are two remote students from Santander, who both took part in the weekly tasks and were valuable for online feedback as well as supporting the exhibition in Coventry. Their encouragement did … Continue reading Santander PHOTO

#Picbod13 Exhibition

Although the #Picbod13 installation is not quite complete, we’re almost there!! The two day event opens on Friday 8th March with a big celebration of 32 Coventry University students’ work along side the work of the remote students across the world. Without shadow of a doubt, I definitely put my all into the exhibition, with its success at the forefront of my mind. I feel that I have worked hard trying to get as much as possible ready for the exhibition alongside my own studies. As part of the secretary team, it was my role to make sure that each … Continue reading #Picbod13 Exhibition

Hopeful Day

I’ve decided that since working with film for my personal work recently, I’ve been more complacent with digital. Thus, although I have a digital photo printed for the scale of the work in the site I would like it exhibited, I today have reshot some of my images on 35mm colour film. On my way to one of my locations I noticed Matthew sat again, I caught his eye and he asked me over. He asked me how my day was and I returned the favour for him to tell me “today could be my lucky day”. He told me … Continue reading Hopeful Day