Thinking about Books

I have decided that I am to have two separate exhibitions, so to speak. One digital, one physical. I was having the dilemma as to maximise all of the media I’ve collected for the project and couldn’t think of a way of making it all work in one small space in a group exhibition. This meant that I looked to using the video and sound for the web to create web presence for the project and then very much have a physical exhibition. I am into books; I have been trying to make books with projects where I can. I … Continue reading Thinking about Books

Research: Getty Images

In 1995, Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein founded Getty Images to bring the fragmented stock photography business into the digital age. And that’s exactly what they did. We were the first company to license imagery online – and have continued to drive the industry forward with breakthrough licensing models, digital media management tools and a comprehensive offering of creative and editorial imagery, microstock, footage and music. Companies and individuals pay Getty Images for their stock photography/licensed work to accompany their business/blog/CD etc. The company prides itself on offering the best digital images to its clients. Therefore, it is of little … Continue reading Research: Getty Images

Digitising Archives: A Youtube Investigation

What better way to find out about which archives are being digitised than going on Youtube. It is interesting how they explain what they are doing with the archive and how it can be accessed by people on the web.   Netherlands digitising books, scanning and processing into word documents   London Pulse   British Library – migrating to different platforms, able to translate scripts etc   Find my Prepare, clean, scan, type out handwriting (transcribing), create search engine (transcribing) 1911 census- 2km physical shelving; 18million documents; cleaning process; 2 years to transcribe by 300 people   Oxfam reading Digitising Archives: A Youtube Investigation

Lives of the First World War

The Imperial War Museum are calling for stories, documents and pictures of the people served, held by families today. Their aim by the centenary for the IWM  is to have 8 million personal stories built on a digital platform using multi mediums. The project – called Lives of the First World War and launching next February – will see the museum returning to its founding purpose but adapting to the internet age, in what is believed to be the biggest trawl for historical information ever undertaken. Undeniably, there is this sense today that if we digitise archives, that this is a simple … Continue reading Lives of the First World War

#picbod Digital before the film

Although I have been shooting on 120mm film, I have made backups with digital, just in case. So not only have I been thinking about my subjects, but also artefacts within rooms of their homes. I have selected my favourite images from what I took on digital. I feel that these images could be used as fillers or to pair with portraits as some portraits will not fit together suitably. Like in the way Bessard uses architecture, text and portraiture, I feel that having more visual context may add to the idea of intrusion; but at the same time, it … Continue reading #picbod Digital before the film

#picbod Shooting through ideas

  So working with the idea of intrusion I decided to knock on the door of the girl’s across the road this morning as they were just making some tea. They were not wonderfully comfortable with me being there, especially armed with a tripod and a couple of cameras. Like Ornowska, I wanted to have the whole body in the picture. I didn’t ask them to pose, just to look straight into the camera. Th room was very dark and I didn’t want to use the tungsten light; with ISO 200 film I know that the slow shutter will mean … Continue reading #picbod Shooting through ideas

#picbod groundworks

I am really happy with my ‘nude and naked’ task response. I like the formal set-up of something quite ordinary as I feel that there is something more for the audience to gain, a sort of sense of intrusion and unease. Thinking about this I have had to try and brain storm more ideas along this theme. For my nude and naked I touched upon image and how we are a hairless nation, almost. Although there are realms of this I would like to try, there is a lot more out there for me to uncover in an undefined theme … Continue reading #picbod groundworks


I got my film processed today and selected the reshoots: although some were not as successful as I had maybe hoped. I have made the decision changing some of the images around from digital to 35mm colour film. I have selected these images to be changed. I prefer the aesthetics of the film and the colour. I think film makes me work more slowly and more precisely. Although, unfortunately, I do have now a print I am not going to be using for my final image, it is certainly similar and has given me the ability to place it as … Continue reading Film