The Alexandra Cinema, Coventry

The premises was originally an old coffee house, refurbished into a single screen cinema, the Alexandra Picturedrome in 1917 by Elijah Strong. After Strong’s death, Harold Philpot bought the cinema during the 1930s; the cinema has been said to have experimented with 3D. During the Blitz, the cinema had been damaged, but not destroyed and reopened in the 1940s. During the 1970s refurbishments were made to divide the plot up into three screens. By its latter years Theatre One (changed name in 1970) had a poor reputation with whom it allowed though the doors and was known as a Flea Pit for … Continue reading The Alexandra Cinema, Coventry

Accessing Archvies

On Tuesday 29th October 2013, I went to the Herbert Gallery to enquire about doing some archive research on the cinema industry in Coventry. I have been interested in the cinema industry all my life, being a daughter of a cinema proprietor. Coventry was famous for having such a booming cinema industry in the 20th Century. So, I entered nervously to find an elderly man with glasses sliding down his nose (pretty much the epitome of an academic really!). He wasn’t very welcoming and I felt as if I was being a nuisance: I have never been to a local archive … Continue reading Accessing Archvies

Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford

Prewar cinema called Dovedale Cinema, built after 1931, no records in the 1925 or 1931 Kinematograph year books. However, there is an aerial photograph from 1929 of Windmill St, before Dovedale Street was built. 1929 Top Right 1932, Forked road bottom right     The Kinematograph Year Book 1942, 1949 & 1954 Rivoli Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 Jepson Cinemas Ltd 1040 seats 1 – 2 shillings The Kinematograph Year Book 1958 (and 1970, 1971) The Ritz Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 The Paris Luxury Continental Cinema (Far Gosford St) 1 shilling and 6 pence to 2 shillings … Continue reading Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford

#picbod groundworks

I am really happy with my ‘nude and naked’ task response. I like the formal set-up of something quite ordinary as I feel that there is something more for the audience to gain, a sort of sense of intrusion and unease. Thinking about this I have had to try and brain storm more ideas along this theme. For my nude and naked I touched upon image and how we are a hairless nation, almost. Although there are realms of this I would like to try, there is a lot more out there for me to uncover in an undefined theme … Continue reading #picbod groundworks

Ikon Tuesday and Friday

What I did on Tuesday is written in my log (uploaded a picture). I felt that on Tuesday I have learnt more about meetings and appreciating how to use other people’s skills to a project’s advantage. Such as going to see Robin and Harry about prints and speaking to marketing about what best is appropriate in terms of what they feel is good advertisement. On Friday I was not in for too long. I was supposed to go in on Wednesday, but unfortunately the adverse weather dictated otherwise. Emma made a list of things to do which included writing a … Continue reading Ikon Tuesday and Friday


Studies show that 2006/2007 rates of homelessness in the West Midlands reached 8,740 households.   I have sent off one of my images to print and mount at 60cm/60cm. I wanted the size to be big enough for a passer by to notice the photograph. I would like them to possible run as tiles on the floor, or perched onto public walls, benches etc. However, until I have the print all ready, I cannot experiment further yet. Also today I reshot the steps outside the register office where two street sleepers go at night. Although I said I wanted … Continue reading Progress


So, deciding I want to make a small Photobook, I have decided I want around ten images to present my work with. Having already rejected images I have taken either by deciding they are too generic or displeasing to the eye I’ve opened up 27 images in Bridge.   From these I rejected and starred images. Originally I chose these images and this ordering: I chose to fit them together with the lines of the pavement, or cracks etc. However, leaving the ordering a day to come back to, I have not only decided that some of the images are … Continue reading Narrowing

Change of Pace

So, after speaking to my tutor, Caroline Molloy, about my project I concluded that going with the absence of the rough sleepers is the best way forward, making a more poetic document of their existence. This is indeed more abstract, so I then have to choose how I deliver this message to my audience. Here are my more successful photographs. I would like to reshoot some of them; however, I do keep returning to the same locations to find subtle differences from what has been left behind. For example, the Penguin wrapper is exactly where Jay sits under the flyover … Continue reading Change of Pace

Home to the City

So here is a collection of some of the places in Coventry where the rough sleepers spend their time. I can’t say that I like all of these photographs. I think that these places are so familiar to me that I find them difficult to photograph without any emotional connection. This is similar to what I discussed in my essay on portraiture. The more the photographer knows about a particular sitter, more can be revealed. However, because I have a very limited knowledge of the rough sleepers’ personal stories these places do not mean anything to me. I find myself … Continue reading Home to the City

True Stories

Cyrenian’s have a ‘True Stories’ page on their website to which I have found some information on their success stories and locations: Will is a 39 year old entrenched rough sleeper with an alternating class A drug addiction to Heroine and Crack and alcohol addiction.  Will spent three years sleeping rough in the doorway of a church in Coventry city centre, sleeping there whatever the weather, with no contact with any agency […]Although the Rough Sleeper service had tried to engage with Will on a number of occasions he had always kindly refused to even come in and take advantage … Continue reading True Stories