The Alexandra Cinema, Coventry

The premises was originally an old coffee house, refurbished into a single screen cinema, the Alexandra Picturedrome in 1917 by Elijah Strong. After Strong’s death, Harold Philpot bought the cinema during the 1930s; the cinema has been said to have experimented with 3D. During the Blitz, the cinema had been damaged, but not destroyed and reopened in the 1940s. During the 1970s refurbishments were made to divide the plot up into three screens. By its latter years Theatre One (changed name in 1970) had a poor reputation with whom it allowed though the doors and was known as a Flea Pit for … Continue reading The Alexandra Cinema, Coventry

Accessing Archvies

On Tuesday 29th October 2013, I went to the Herbert Gallery to enquire about doing some archive research on the cinema industry in Coventry. I have been interested in the cinema industry all my life, being a daughter of a cinema proprietor. Coventry was famous for having such a booming cinema industry in the 20th Century. So, I entered nervously to find an elderly man with glasses sliding down his nose (pretty much the epitome of an academic really!). He wasn’t very welcoming and I felt as if I was being a nuisance: I have never been to a local archive … Continue reading Accessing Archvies

Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford

Prewar cinema called Dovedale Cinema, built after 1931, no records in the 1925 or 1931 Kinematograph year books. However, there is an aerial photograph from 1929 of Windmill St, before Dovedale Street was built. 1929 Top Right 1932, Forked road bottom right     The Kinematograph Year Book 1942, 1949 & 1954 Rivoli Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 Jepson Cinemas Ltd 1040 seats 1 – 2 shillings The Kinematograph Year Book 1958 (and 1970, 1971) The Ritz Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 The Paris Luxury Continental Cinema (Far Gosford St) 1 shilling and 6 pence to 2 shillings … Continue reading Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford