Stuart Whipps

I visited the Ikon Gallery in 2011 to see Stuart Whipps’ installation ‘Uncatagorised Boxes’. The work was eluding to the short-lived architectural culture of Birmingham. Architect John Madin saw more than one of his buildings get demolished in his lifetime, and all the remains are the archives of the plans for them. Paper has outlived the brick. What is the purpose of  Stuart Whipps’ work? I think it is curiosity of the archive: what is inside these boxes? Viewers to Whipps’ work are left unknowing. But these boxes hold part of the landscape of Birmingham’s past. In an interview with … Continue reading Stuart Whipps

IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Yesterday Emma and I started to set up the Ikon in Northfield Showcase. We had a plan to have three projections, three macs, a floor drawing, acetate drawings on a lightbox and maps. However, throughout the day with the tech team we had to adjust the plan using different projectors, more Macs and deciding to frame part of the floor drawing to hang. I had the role of uploading the slideshows onto each Mac and ordering them so that it would be more engaging for the viewer. The portraits which the community centres did with professional cameras are the main … Continue reading IKON: setting up Northfield Showcase

Ikon Tuesday and Friday

What I did on Tuesday is written in my log (uploaded a picture). I felt that on Tuesday I have learnt more about meetings and appreciating how to use other people’s skills to a project’s advantage. Such as going to see Robin and Harry about prints and speaking to marketing about what best is appropriate in terms of what they feel is good advertisement. On Friday I was not in for too long. I was supposed to go in on Wednesday, but unfortunately the adverse weather dictated otherwise. Emma made a list of things to do which included writing a … Continue reading Ikon Tuesday and Friday

Moltonia 04 – Ed Wakefield @ FRAME_

FRAME_birmingham hosts 40 artists in 30 venues throughout Birmingham for 3 months. Works are exhibited in white frames in places we already go; cafes, bars, shops including Urban Outfitters. One of the artists being exhibited is Ed Wakefield, a Birmingham collage artist, in Birmingham Cathedral. Moltonia, 2012, Ed Wakefield Ed Wakefield’s obsession with collage, posting daily on his website, has meant he has created this new world. One part of this world, Moltonia, is currently being exhibited with Project_FRAME at Birmingham Cathedral. An odd location in respects that this piece has scientific connotations; however, the belief of an afterlife is … Continue reading Moltonia 04 – Ed Wakefield @ FRAME_

Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery

Last night was the launch of Streuli’s exhibition of his street photography named ‘New Street’. Spread over two floors there was a collection of 3 metre tall prints, 3 metre tall projections, 90s television sets and flat screens. The multimedia still and moving images gave a great aesthetic to the work, giving it movement and portraying movement of time. On the first floor was his series between Sydney, Brussels, New York, São Paulo, Guangzhou and Cape Town. These were 3 metre tall prints which were attached together like a film strip. For me this indicated a continuum of a narrative in … Continue reading Beat Streuli @IKON Gallery

FRAME_ Day 4

Launch day.   Day four was a bit of an epic adventure. Meeting at Hotel de Vin we had three more pieces of work to install: over the main bar, in Pub de Vin and in one of the suites upstairs. During the time of installation, we got a call from Elly instructing us to pick up the labels for all the pieces. Intuitively, Kat and I decided to go to pick them up, then sub-divide them: Kat took the venues in the Jewellery Quarter while I went back to Hotel de Vin and divided the remainder between Catherine, Sebastian, … Continue reading FRAME_ Day 4

FRAME_ Day 3

Wednesday 14th November 2012 “So today I went to Birmingham in part of installation week for the launch on Friday. Lee and I met the other VLOs; Kat, Catherine and Sarah at Le Truc, Birmingham where they were just finishing off. As Lee and Kat then went over to another venue, Catherine, Sarah and I headed to the Custard Factory to pick up more frames for installation at Provide and Frenchies there. Lee, Kat and I then went about hanging the frame at Provide which was going to be  placed on a brick wall. This meant that we had to … Continue reading FRAME_ Day 3

Fashion Brief

I collaborated with Caroline Walker, a fellow photographer, and a fashion team at Coventry University in order to create a photographic poster of their garment made by scarves under the theme ‘Razzle Dazzle- Dark Circus’. The images have been submitted and going in front of a panel to decide whether it will be shortlisted to be shown at Clothes Show Live 2012 in Birmingham. I felt that with 7 creative minds all looking at one brief differently it was always going to be difficult. I honestly do not have an eye for fashion or fashion photography for that matter, yet … Continue reading Fashion Brief


As of Wednesday 31st, when I first met with Kevin Middleton, I am now a Venue Liaison Officer for Frame for three months. Frame is a photographic project of 40 pieces of art in 30 venues across Birmingham with its launch night on Friday 16th November at York’s Cafe. On my first day of my experience I was briefed on what my role was to be. Once a week I shall go round my chosen venues in the Commonwealth Business District in Birmingham, make sure that the venue is happy with their artwork, what the response is, whether they need … Continue reading FRAME_


W U N D E R K A M M E R is a travelling show of small works that fit within the confines of a hand-luggage sized suitcase. So far it has been exhibited at Clarke Gallery in Berlin, Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (where it was installed by Jessica Brouder) and, mostly recently, at Franklin Furnace in New York. WUNDERKAMMER began with 11 works by Berlin-based artists but changes as it goes, as some works are sold and others taken on in each new location. Elly Clarke    Last night I wrapped up warm and ventured … Continue reading Wunderkammer