Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford

Prewar cinema called Dovedale Cinema, built after 1931, no records in the 1925 or 1931 Kinematograph year books. However, there is an aerial photograph from 1929 of Windmill St, before Dovedale Street was built. 1929 Top Right 1932, Forked road bottom right     The Kinematograph Year Book 1942, 1949 & 1954 Rivoli Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 Jepson Cinemas Ltd 1040 seats 1 – 2 shillings The Kinematograph Year Book 1958 (and 1970, 1971) The Ritz Cinema – Longford Road Coventry 88325 The Paris Luxury Continental Cinema (Far Gosford St) 1 shilling and 6 pence to 2 shillings … Continue reading Research: Dovedale Cinema, Longford

Appropriating Family Archives

Over the last couple of weeks I have been redesigning my book Unwelcome Invitation. The original book explored how the viewer and photographer alike intruded on a person’s environment. A conversation between space and possessions with dead pan portraits. However, remastering the book’s design, I have effectively appropriated it with a new meaning, adding archive photographs from family albums. Now it explores the discussion of how photo albums are gateways to only part of our ancestors lives. They ignore the every day and only would choose to fix ‘happy significant memories’ into albums. Yet, all the images are similar: weddings, birthdays, holidays. … Continue reading Appropriating Family Archives

Out of the Archives- Tim Linfield

A short post about a appropriating archives for contemporary art. Visually it appears that artists use collage by means of appropriation. However, Tim Linfield used book archives as the raw material. He encourage people to make their own books from old books. Rewriting the language as it were and questioning the typical structure of a book. The most interesting piece to me however, are the jars of ashes. Ashes of books which were banned. This is such a shocking piece as it is customary to preserve archives and treat them with the utmost care. For example, Titanic artefacts are kept … Continue reading Out of the Archives- Tim Linfield

Contemporary Archive Appropriation Collage

Contemporary archive art? Doesn’t seem legitimate does it? However, it appears that instead of creating bodies of work based on new media, artists are commonly looking toward archive sources to curate and recreate their own work with his own message. One common tool to marry old and new media is using collage. Take John Stezaker, exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in 2012, he uses archive head shots of film stars from magazines clippings and spliced the pieces together. The coupling (marrying) of two opposite gender stars not only indicates Stezaker’s wit, but also portrays his attention to how there was undeniably a ‘Hollywood … Continue reading Contemporary Archive Appropriation Collage