Peer Feedback

Last week before I quickly rushed off to Kent I presented the first draft of my symposium. I wasn’t happy with having to present something to rushed and not ready to actually be read aloud. I also wasn’t prepared visually: with a topic that in its nature isn’t really visual there weren’t any pictures I could point to exactly. I wasn’t there for my feedback, but George emailed me what my peers thought and his own comments as well:  •    A lot of research/content but a bit overwhelming   •    too factual and a lot to keep up with … Continue reading Peer Feedback

Lives of the First World War

The Imperial War Museum are calling for stories, documents and pictures of the people served, held by families today. Their aim by the centenary for the IWM  is to have 8 million personal stories built on a digital platform using multi mediums. The project – called Lives of the First World War and launching next February – will see the museum returning to its founding purpose but adapting to the internet age, in what is believed to be the biggest trawl for historical information ever undertaken. Undeniably, there is this sense today that if we digitise archives, that this is a simple … Continue reading Lives of the First World War

Cinema Reseach 1960s

From reading the Chief’s log I was not in the understanding of what ‘Rank’ was. So I looked up on Wikipedia that ‘Rank Organisation’ was a big British cinema company: The company grew quickly, largely through acquisition. Significant developments included: 1938 – Odeon Cinemas was purchased 1939 – Denham Film Studios were merged with the facilities at Pinewood and the Amalgamated Studios in Borehamwood were acquired, but not used for making films. 1941 – Purchase of the Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, which also owned Gainsborough Pictures, 251 cinemas and the Lime Grove Studios. 1942 – UK sites of Paramount Cinemas purchased Late 1940s – A majority shareholding in Allied Cinemas and Irish Cinemas Ltd was gained, … Continue reading Cinema Reseach 1960s

Significance of Family Albums

What better way to research popular opinion about family photo albums than to have a look on Twitter. I typed in the search bar ‘family albums’ and there are results. I can’t say it is a popular Twitter conversation. However still, it is interested to see that people still reflect on family albums. I can’t make the judgement that the amount of people who tweet about looking at an album is any kind of indication of how many people do in today’s society. Possibly it is our grandparents who look at the more often? Afterall that was the the medium … Continue reading Significance of Family Albums

Appropriating Family Archives

Over the last couple of weeks I have been redesigning my book Unwelcome Invitation. The original book explored how the viewer and photographer alike intruded on a person’s environment. A conversation between space and possessions with dead pan portraits. However, remastering the book’s design, I have effectively appropriated it with a new meaning, adding archive photographs from family albums. Now it explores the discussion of how photo albums are gateways to only part of our ancestors lives. They ignore the every day and only would choose to fix ‘happy significant memories’ into albums. Yet, all the images are similar: weddings, birthdays, holidays. … Continue reading Appropriating Family Archives

Eugene Richards

Eugene Richards, award winning documentary photographer, has many projects which makes the viewer really think about what he’s framed.  In this powerful and raw book, Eugene Richards takes an in-depth and very intimate lookat the inhabitants of three troubled communities: East New York; North Philadelphia; andthe Red Hook Housing Project in Brooklyn, New York. – Wayne Ford @ Photobook Club Ihave not experienced any drug abuse personally and only understand so much from television and the likes of Nan Goldin and Larry Clarke. There is this sense of a cocaine lifestyle and a cocaine community in these sets; although there … Continue reading Eugene Richards

Subversiveness, Simon Norfolk and the Citizen

So in 350MC we have been discussing subversiveness. Jon Levy shown us a short clip today of an interview with war photographer Simon Norfolk. Norfolk asks “where is the critique on photojournalism?” and what are they doing in Afghanistan? The war has be fought longer than Vietnam and yet there have been no iconic photographs that have helped the war come to an end. Not only that but in 40 years time there won’t be one pinacle image anyone can say “that’s from the Afghanistan war”. Day by day the media delivers devastating imagery of car bomb explosions and wounded … Continue reading Subversiveness, Simon Norfolk and the Citizen

Contemporary Archive Appropriation Collage

Contemporary archive art? Doesn’t seem legitimate does it? However, it appears that instead of creating bodies of work based on new media, artists are commonly looking toward archive sources to curate and recreate their own work with his own message. One common tool to marry old and new media is using collage. Take John Stezaker, exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in 2012, he uses archive head shots of film stars from magazines clippings and spliced the pieces together. The coupling (marrying) of two opposite gender stars not only indicates Stezaker’s wit, but also portrays his attention to how there was undeniably a ‘Hollywood … Continue reading Contemporary Archive Appropriation Collage

350MC Dream Portfolio

Choose 6 photographs that represents what you aspire your photographic practice to be like. 1) Donna Schwartz I chose this image not really because of the aesthetics: I prefer more natural lighting as opposed to a fill flash. However, the visuals in terms of composition is compelling because the viewer is drawn into the environment and the subjects being pushed to the back of the frame make them part of the decor (coupled with their uncomfortable and blank expressions). This photograph is also quite difficult for a viewer to look at, feeling the discomfort from the subjects despite being in … Continue reading 350MC Dream Portfolio