Digitising Archives: A Youtube Investigation

What better way to find out about which archives are being digitised than going on Youtube. It is interesting how they explain what they are doing with the archive and how it can be accessed by people on the web.   Netherlands digitising books, scanning and processing into word documents   London Pulse   British Library – migrating to different platforms, able to translate scripts etc   Find my Past.co.uk Prepare, clean, scan, type out handwriting (transcribing), create search engine (transcribing) 1911 census- 2km physical shelving; 18million documents; cleaning process; 2 years to transcribe by 300 people   Oxfam http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/News/2013/News/WTP051798.htmContinue reading Digitising Archives: A Youtube Investigation

Lives of the First World War

The Imperial War Museum are calling for stories, documents and pictures of the people served, held by families today. Their aim by the centenary for the IWM  is to have 8 million personal stories built on a digital platform using multi mediums. The project – called Lives of the First World War and launching next February – will see the museum returning to its founding purpose but adapting to the internet age, in what is believed to be the biggest trawl for historical information ever undertaken. Undeniably, there is this sense today that if we digitise archives, that this is a simple … Continue reading Lives of the First World War

#Phonar Post-Photographic Portrait Idea 1

“A Post-Photographic Portrait” The culmination of this module will be the production of a “post-photographic portrait”. You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “A Post-Photographic Portrait”; a phrase that we will investigate and clarify over the course of the module. Your decisions throughout  this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series. This process should be evidenced explicitly and succinctly on your blog as well  ( a 500 word reflective summary would do the trick). I have wanted … Continue reading #Phonar Post-Photographic Portrait Idea 1

Golden Nuggets

Tell the story of the people, not your own story. As a Western photographer, I couldn’t go to a different country and tell the story of the people without having context. Otherwise, it would be an exploration of what the photographer wants to show, like an assignment, rather than truly discovering what the real story is. For example, George Rodger was asked to explore regions in Africa to show how well the Marshall Plan was affecting their economies and redevelopment after WWII. However, in reality he found that the machinery given was rusting and that there was tools and no … Continue reading Golden Nuggets

Cinema Reseach 1960s

From reading the Chief’s log I was not in the understanding of what ‘Rank’ was. So I looked up on Wikipedia that ‘Rank Organisation’ was a big British cinema company: The company grew quickly, largely through acquisition. Significant developments included: 1938 – Odeon Cinemas was purchased 1939 – Denham Film Studios were merged with the facilities at Pinewood and the Amalgamated Studios in Borehamwood were acquired, but not used for making films. 1941 – Purchase of the Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, which also owned Gainsborough Pictures, 251 cinemas and the Lime Grove Studios. 1942 – UK sites of Paramount Cinemas purchased Late 1940s – A majority shareholding in Allied Cinemas and Irish Cinemas Ltd was gained, … Continue reading Cinema Reseach 1960s

Ref:1181 Chief Operator’s Log

Chief Operator’s Log 1966 Sunday 1st May  First day as resident chief Saturday 2nd May Mr Garcia lostsound on PT1 of feature. change over the share amplifiers. Still no sound. Found solder join dry, remained same and carried on with programme. Report sent to H.O Sunday 15th May checked amplifier and as not happy with first stage Saturday 19th May Childrens programmes shown by Mr Garcia. A very late finish 12.20. Started week programme 12.48. Very bad. Sunday 2rd July until Wednesday 6th uly Mr Garcia on holiday Tuesday 2nd August Projection room cleaned and stairways swept and polished (and … Continue reading Ref:1181 Chief Operator’s Log