Fashion Brief

I collaborated with Caroline Walker, a fellow photographer, and a fashion team at Coventry University in order to create a photographic poster of their garment made by scarves under the theme ‘Razzle Dazzle- Dark Circus’. The images have been submitted and going in front of a panel to decide whether it will be shortlisted to be shown at Clothes Show Live 2012 in Birmingham. I felt that with 7 creative minds all looking at one brief differently it was always going to be difficult. I honestly do not have an eye for fashion or fashion photography for that matter, yet … Continue reading Fashion Brief

Summer Reflection

I feel that over the summer my creativity has been a little put to the side; the pace of life and transition of becoming more of an independent adult has faltered me. However, I feel that in my blog posts from the summer I am still sensitive to natural light and my own personal visual diary. This is something that I vested an interest in the latter years of my first year at university. I feel that the inspiration of my grandmother during my first term has made me more conscious of the people whom have made a significant impact … Continue reading Summer Reflection


A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter’s death. ‘Confessions’ is a Japanese film (2010) about a mother’s revenge after two of her students killed her daughter. The film begins with a misbehaved class of thirteen year olds drinking milk which is supposed to be for a test. As they drink it, the teacher Yuko Moriguchi (played by Takako Matsu) patiently unveils the story of how her four year old daughter was brought up by a single parent because her father has AIDS; then … Continue reading Confessions

Foto8: Dana Popa

For one month only, Dana Popa‘s series ‘After The New Man’ is being exhibited in Foto8 Gallery on Honduras Street in London. Her series of work goes round the foyer of the gallery; a space with white walls and laminate flooring. Her photographs started at the window and worked their way around the room. Each image was numbered and this number’s caption was on an A4 handout that was given to us by the intern there. Many of he photographs on the smaller walls were in triptychs: a landscape that was smaller, in-between two portraits. I felt that, with the … Continue reading Foto8: Dana Popa

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

An East Asian film directed by Herman Yau, The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake raises the socio-political instability of the turn of the century as the Qing Dynasty encouraged the oppression of women in their society. Poet, come martial arts enthusiast Qiu Jin (played by  Huang Yi) witnesses and disagrees with a society that forces young girls to bind their feet so that they are at the command of their fathers and husbands. She is forced into marriage by means of wealth and her husband is then disappointed in her embarrassing behaviour as a woman standing for her rights; he feels somewhat … Continue reading The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

Joel Meyerowitz – A Summer’s Day

After failing to find Joel Meyerowitz’s ‘Aftermath’, I found ‘A Summer’s Day’ instead. What I immediately took to was the colours that Meyerowitz had captured: the golds and the blues which echo a summer holiday atmosphere. Yet, opening the book, there is no description or introduction so that a viewer is to take their own thoughts through the book so that they can relate to the images from a personal perspective; therefore Meyerowitz should meet the ‘horizon’ of the viewer. The first photograph of the series is the same as on the front colour: early morning mist on the beach … Continue reading Joel Meyerowitz – A Summer’s Day

Not to be Worn: New Designs Shoot

Saturday 5th May Up at the crack of dawn to get down to the Student Union and let Tony and Guy hair stylists and makeup artist in to the meeting room where the models were directed to congregate. None of us really knew each other very well, coupled with the early morning for 6 students, conversation was a bit dry. However, as the T-shirts arrived last minute with the models all glommed up, we were ready to go! The designer, Hareena Liddar, wanted to use old walls around the Cathedral in Coventry to get a sort of rustic look to … Continue reading Not to be Worn: New Designs Shoot

Letter to Self, May 2012

May 2012 Dear Kate, So, look where we are! I am writing back to you from my desk at Coventry University. Well, what can I say? I survived I suppose!  I must admit, I found my first term here unsettling: trying to make new friends on top of coming to terms with analogue photography, so I was very much out of my comfort zone. However, I overcome this and I have made such a great bunch of friends on the Photography course: lending a hand and giving advice as well as having a good laugh. I think that going to … Continue reading Letter to Self, May 2012

Summer Project 2011

Record a visual diary. It should be as intimate and honest as you’re able to. You should make images from the first time you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep. Direction: Imagine the person closest to you. Imagine that this morning they woke up. Got out of bed without making it. Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back. Now go into that room n your mind and see the evidence of their presence. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks it made on the pillow. Search out the traces … Continue reading Summer Project 2011