Hanging Work

Because of the long bank holiday weekend we couldn’t get into the gallery until Tuesday. It was agreed that Tuesday and Wednesday were hanging days and Thursday was a contingency day. With this in mind I asked Craig exactly what he wanted done; he had other degree shows to help with so we needed to use him wisely and efficiently. I received an email and shared its contents with the group. My urge to get work into the gallery was met with a great deal of people not ready. I expected there to be one or two people who would … Continue reading Hanging Work

Preparing the Gallery

From 21st May to 23rd May, we had access to the Lanchester Gallery where we were to have our degree show exhibition. We were all expected to attend to assist with painting the walls and making sure the space was in a suitable conditition to hang work the following week. Not long after arriving, the installation walls and plinths were brought over from Ellen Terry. But after this point the group looked a bit lost and I felt that we were just wasting our time stood around so suggested that we started to paint the outside walls while the installation … Continue reading Preparing the Gallery

Interview Reflection

I don’t exactly know what I want to pursue when I leave university and so making a decision of who I can speak to with regards to getting advice in starting a career hasn’t been easy. What I do know is that I don’t want to be a photographer, from speaking to my peers, they have been advised by photographers to assist for a couple of years to make contacts, build a strong portfolio and confidence. This makes sense, but I don’t feel that even asking for this advice would be necessary for me.  I spoke with Charo Ruiz Davila, … Continue reading Interview Reflection

Degree Show Statement

I was sent an email this week to send a 100 word statement about our exhibition for the Degree Show website. I hadn’t heard about having to do this until this week so it was quite a shock. Unfortunately we had already missed the original deadline, so the stress was on to write a good piece for the Degree Show website. This website is host to information about all the shows the Art and Media department at Coventry University will be hosting. With it being the Easter Holidays, I couldn’t get hold of any of my peers who I thought … Continue reading Degree Show Statement

Text Panels

Because the deadline for the print bureau is 15th May, we decided that we needed to have the text panels designed and ready for then too. I made a Google Doc for everyone to add in their text panel information so that this could get done. The deadline for the print bureau is 14th May, so we set this deadline to today so that there is time to get all the panels into photoshop and ready to send to print. As I did the text panels for the Picbod exhibition, I thought that it’d be easy to do it again. … Continue reading Text Panels

Meeting 8th May 2014

As I had people approach me yesterday asking for a meeting, I suggested on our Facebook group to have one so that any concerns could be shared. Unfortunately only Melissa Stapleton, Melissa Santos, Alice, Lauren, Talha and Theo attended which made it difficult to make decisions. Nevertheless, we agreed that decisions did have to be made because time is of the essence now. We began discussing what the opening night team and curation team had discussed to make a decision on what works for both: so having the drinks in the side room, having a music playlist, white table cloths … Continue reading Meeting 8th May 2014

Curation Meetings 1 & 2

On Wednesday 30th April Melissa Stapleton, Melissa Santos as I went to the Art shop to purchase foam board so that we could make a scale model of the exhibition space. Once back at uni, Stapleton and I printed off the new blueprints sent by Craig and Greg to work out a new ration to make the model to. It worked out being 3cm : 1m to maximise the size of the board. This took a great deal of maths to work out, subtracting unusable wall space from the plans and then marking on the model where these spaces are. … Continue reading Curation Meetings 1 & 2


Without knowing exactly what I want to do after I graduate, writing a CV then becomes difficult. Over the last month I have had different renditions of it. However, here is my CV tailored for a job in the photography field, although not necessarily as a photographer, but also a researcher. Kate Green_CV_2014 Continue reading CV

Task 1 // 354MC

When preparing your presentation, reflect on and respond to the following. Identify where you may like to situate yourself. What are you interested in and where would you like to be? Finishing my second year at university I felt confident with my photography and ability to make pictures and photobooks with the success of my Picbod work Unwelcome Invitation. I was also extremely keen on organising exhibitions and have an influential role in the curation. I felt as though I would happily go into this direction in my career. As I have been working through my third and final year … Continue reading Task 1 // 354MC