Letters of Note

Shaun Usher runs Letters of Note; Lists of Note and Letterheady. Three websites with the theme of the art of handwriting. In a recent event for World Book Day, Shaun Usher spoke to the Guardian about Letters of Note: “I couldn’t believe that no one had collected all these amazing documents before. I find it incredibly sad that we are going to lose the magic of letter writing – we are gaining speed and spontaneity through advances in technology such as Twitter and email, but we are losing the unique, considered form of communication that letters represent. When you write … Continue reading Letters of Note

Pre-Exhibition Preview

I had the idea to release pictures before exhibition of the archive. If the idea is that I want people to know about the archive, having my work solely exhibited in one place doesn’t make sense. But I have also concluded that the George Rodger Archive, kept by George’s wife is also personal and shouldn’t be shared distastefully. This puts me in a difficult position as an author to consider what content I want my viewers to see and how. With taking this project, I also signed up to a huge responsibility. I have been working with another photographer’s work … Continue reading Pre-Exhibition Preview

Selecting Archive Pictures

Jinx agreed to lend me a couple of prints from the archive to exhibit next to my work. I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to have original archive prints to add originality and validity to my work. I did go to the archive and to prove it, I brought a part of the archive back; a rare sight. Jinx asked me which prints I would like to take (WOW!) however, because I was basing my work on Story 38, the story of the Nubas, I thought that taking prints from this story would accompany my work perfectly. The … Continue reading Selecting Archive Pictures

Visiting the George Rodger Archive

Almost two weeks ago now I went back to the George Rodger Archive. I have been several times before this visit to talk to Jinx and record our conversations; I found that from these visits I had learnt a lot about George, the archive and herself. I realised what was important in the archive: -Africa George loved the remote parts of Africa, meeting and documenting new tribes. His prestigious story 38 is a significant part of the archive- having a print box to itself and being featured in over half og the magazine articles kept by Jinx. -Magnum relationships Jinx … Continue reading Visiting the George Rodger Archive

Still Lifes

When considering how to photograph the objects in the archive I had to think hard. I had two options, possible three. The first to take the objects and put them in a studio setting or have them scanned. The second to use the original surroundings as a backdrop. The third would be to have Jinx handle the work for me to photograph. August Sander was a German portrait photographer who set his subjects in front of a white backdrop to photograph. This was arguably a turning point in portrait photography which has been adopted by studio and fashion photographers. Richard … Continue reading Still Lifes


The Magazine Archive is a website which seeks to ‘catalogue’ and archive magazines which have interesting designs. You can submit a magazine to them that you wish to be added to the collection. The interface of the website is more graphic than it is to allow viewers to read the content. What I wanted to take from this website though was its photography: having printed material photographed in-situ. I find that I have come across a lot of websites (archive-specific or not) which scan the pages/books and crop to the page edge. See, this does mean that it is purely … Continue reading Birdseye


Mike Figgis is an English film director and writer, famous for his ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ starring Nicolas Cage. Mike Figgis is also a Twitter user and uses #TweetByHand. Tweet By Hand is a tweeted picture of a piece of writing. Twitter is supposed to be microblogging: however, more often than not, an argument/sentiment/thought/idea cannot be fully addressed in 140 characters. We often see a tweet with a link to a blog. #tweetbyhand 179 New York pic.twitter.com/XoN41tHmMk — Mike Figgis (@TheMikeFiggis) March 15, 2014 However, Tweet By Hand means that Twitter users can read the thoughts without clicking away from the … Continue reading #TweetByHand

What is a Photograph?

Imagine technology as a train that constantly moves forward, as time does, according to our perception. Photography is a product of technology, in this example acting as a single coach, which is inherently synced with its direction, and shares many of its attributes. In order to understand how photography has taken it’s current form and attempt to think of a possible future we have to trace its origin, and course in time. Joseph Kesisoglou, 2014 Photography is a product of the industrial revolution, and like a lot of the innovative technology at the time, it has evolved. The practice and … Continue reading What is a Photograph?

The George Rodger Archive Proposal

At 88 years of age, Jinx Rodger still spends 6 hours everyday cataloguing her late husband’s archive – an archive which spans every photograph, artefact and correspondence, because, as Jinx admits “I just can’t throw anything away […] I looked up to him like a God” (Jinx, 2013). George Rodger is the Magnum Photos co-founder that photography forgot (*) and yet George photographed in 61 countries during the Second World War (Naggar, 2003), more than any other photographer (Jinx, 2013). Jinx shared George’s passion for photography and saw her travel thousands of miles with him on assignments with Magnum. As … Continue reading The George Rodger Archive Proposal

Dear Robert – Joel Kantor

[WORK IN PROGRESS] ‘Dear Robert’ is Joel Kantor’s most recent iBook, released just earlier this month. “Along the way an exhibit, a letter or an award helped me to accept photography as a central part of my life.” (2010) Joel Kantor uses photography as a way to collect what he thinks is memorable and interesting; from looking at his work he has worked with subjects to tell their story. Such as an interview with an Auschwitz survivor who works as a shoemaker for his neighbourhood and also Dan Fenigstein, a survivor of torture from the Israeli Secret Service. Many of … Continue reading Dear Robert – Joel Kantor