Kate Green

Born August 1993, Kate Green, grew up in rural Lincolnshire in a village Woodhall Spa. Her father, James Green, is the current owner of the Kinema in the Woods, the ‘unique’ cinema at the heart of the village. Kate used to spend most of her weekends at the cinema running up and down the aisles and sitting in the projection rooms. With such an interface with film and moving pictures, Kate was introduced to classics such as Casablanca and Brief Encounter at a young age. Kate and her family enjoy an annual private showing of old films every boxing day, shown by her God Father Uncle ‘Fingers’. 

Kate was educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle, from aged 11 to 17 and was used as the school photographer in her more senior years. In these years similarly, Kate worked for Pictures to Treasure and by herself, documenting weddings, civil partnerships and formal occasions as well as pursuing walking expeditions. 

She now is an undergraduate at Coventry University.

Since moving to Coventry University, Kate has been taking commissions; however, is taking a keen interest in archive research and their place in 21st century photographic practices. 

3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Kate
    Joel Kantor (Dear Robert Frank) just referred mo to your kind comment.
    Just wanted to say that I too am English born, Studied photography in London in the late seventies, live today in Jerusalem and am a close friend of Joel’s. As a Multimedia specialist (Graduate of the M.A media faculty at Coventry University) I produced the book together with Joel.
    Happy you liked it. I too think it’s special. Hope to see more such iBooks.

    1. Oh hello!
      Yes I adore the book and regretfully still not finished it because it is so so rich. I am currently working in the Feorge Rodger Archive hoping to produce something exciting too. Send my kindest regards to Joel! Kate

  2. Hi Kate
    Over the past two days there took place in Tel Aviv a symposium titled :Preserving Intellectual Memory through Photography” which dealt with issues of collecting, preserving and dissemination photography. See:
    A lot of talk about archives and issues related thereof.
    I showed a bit of Joel’s digital book there.
    The symposium was part of the International Photography Festival taking place presently.פסטיבל-הצילום-הבינלאומי/483640408348944?fref=photo
    Thought of you. Believe it would be just up your street (though not geographically speaking).

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