Website/Online Evaluation

From May 1st until the exhibition opening I had part of my website dedicated to the George Rodger Archive. Its intention was to act as a teaser and not so much as a tool to disseminate. Weekly I uploaded images and videos directly to the server, not relying on external services such as Youtube. I don’t want this video content to be disseminated liberally. Although I am a firm believer in Creative Commons, I think that the purpose of this work and some of its content should be restricted, until at least I have a firm project with more serious backing behind it.

Click to view website
Click to view website

In terms of the website design, I know that this could be a lot more professional. I have changed my website as a whole three times over the last year. I didn’t want to create a new domain for this project either as I did not want to take anything away from Jonathan Rodger’s website which he too has been building. Therefore I adapted what I had got to slot in my work. I feel that using freeware services has really helped me; I would have really struggled with the coding otherwise. What was available to me for free has given me a much more professional feel about the work as a whole.

I feel that the website has worked: I have over doubled the amount of traffic to my work in May from my statistics with over 800 unique visitors and 20GB of bandwidth used. On reflection, I know that the fourth week does stem an anomaly due to unforeseen circumstances fuelled by the media. But nevertheless, It does show an increase. I did find myself in the second and third week struggling to juggle doing my physical work and keeping an online presence. However, had there been more focus on the online front then I know that the middle of the month would have been much busier. I regret only tweeting once or twice a week during this point. This has made me realise the importance of using social networking: although I was using a hashtag, it will only catch on once it is used time and time again!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.49.14

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