Text Panel

A text panel is a piece of text which a viewer would read in a gallery to help make sense of the work and its purpose. I feel that the book I made was explanatory enough that it is of a collection of work; therefore, I decided that I wanted to add context as to the significance of the archive. I wanted to give a short background of whose archive it is and who keeps it. I also wanted to introduce the story which I was going to be looking at much more closely.

Text Panel
Text Panel

It reads:

After moving to Kent to make a base for raising a family, George Rodger and his wife Jinx decided that his work too should be in one place. George Rodger was a co-founder of Magnum Photos inc, which was established in 1947 with his photographic friends Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. George took great pleasure travelling through Africa and photographing its indigenous tribes, but no tribe more than the Nubas in the Southern Sudan. This photographic story of the Nubas is one of his most acclaimed bodies of work. His wife and archivist Jinx, who is now almost ninety, never met the Nubas but she uses the archive and the stories George told her to share his story once more.

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