Text Panels

Because the deadline for the print bureau is 15th May, we decided that we needed to have the text panels designed and ready for then too. I made a Google Doc for everyone to add in their text panel information so that this could get done. The deadline for the print bureau is 14th May, so we set this deadline to today so that there is time to get all the panels into photoshop and ready to send to print.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 13.38.15

As I did the text panels for the Picbod exhibition, I thought that it’d be easy to do it again. However, it is a team effort and as much as I can ask people to fill out this document, it hasn’t been as prompt as I would have liked. I have had comments on the Facebook group asking how big the text panels will be; however, with half the class not filling out the spreadsheet, it is difficult to see what dimensions would be best. I imagine that the main text panel will be around A5 in size. I asked the group for 100 words for this as otherwise it will be difficult to fit it on a text panel because otherwise they will be extremely large.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.59.38

This is one of the first ideas I have had for the text panel, keeping it very clean. However, I have thought about moving the logo, making it bigger and changing the colour. The size of this is A5, with size 20 name and size 16 main body text using Helvetica Neue light. Having a smaller font means that for those with more text will fit more comfortably. This is not the final design as tomorrow I will be speaking with others about it and amending it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 13.44.18

On Monday morning, Melissa Stapleton and I worked with the design and inserted people’s texts; however, we found that there was a few people who had too many words to fit neatly in the space. We thought it be better to have shorter text panels because other wise there would be a lot of reading and they would also look extremely large. Already we pushed the design to the max to try accommodate as many words as possible: changing the borders and text size to 15pt. I printed them out to make sure that it looked good and the text was legible.

Text panel

I contacted people over Facebook so that the text could be edited down; however, we found out that the text panels had to be ordered at the print bureau the same day. This meant that time was short and getting hold of people who have work commitments was almost impossible. Therefore, Melissa and I worked together trying to cut the word count on people’s work so that it was not only short enough, but that the message of artist statement was still clear. This meant that we took an ‘editing’ sort of role because we feel that we want the exhibition to be as professional as possible. This meant we were checking spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as the general diction. We found that some text panels made little sense and so rewrote them entirely, communicating with the artist to make sure that it was all ok with them. I feel that the text panels are a reflection of our professionalism and attention to detail so I was not prepared to let the written pieces let us down.

We gave the option to people to have more than one text panel so that MP3 players, for example, could be labelled. These needed to be smaller than the main information panels so I looked at A6 and A7 sizes. We chose A7 with the font size of 14.


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