Degree Show Statement

I was sent an email this week to send a 100 word statement about our exhibition for the Degree Show website. I hadn’t heard about having to do this until this week so it was quite a shock. Unfortunately we had already missed the original deadline, so the stress was on to write a good piece for the Degree Show website. This website is host to information about all the shows the Art and Media department at Coventry University will be hosting.

With it being the Easter Holidays, I couldn’t get hold of any of my peers who I thought would be a good help, so I faced the challenge alone. I looked at last year’s statement for some inspiration and came up with this:

Image Nineteen is a collective of 19 image makers, based in Coventry, discussing photographic issues in the post-digital era.

Photography, considered a modern art form, is evanescent and is no longer bound by the paper’s edge; the IMG19 exhibition will evidence this as it showcases a variety of forms which photography takes in contemporary practice: from photofilms to traditional prints.

The internationally acclaimed BA Photography course at Coventry University will be showcasing its 2014 graduates in the Lanchester Gallery from Friday 30th May. This exhibition is a must see for those interested in social documentary, digital media, and fantastic photography.

I would have preferred if I had more time to reflect on this more; however, given the deadline, I felt that this wasn’t a bad effort and reflects how I can still produce work under pressure.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 13.49.04

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