Meeting 8th May 2014

As I had people approach me yesterday asking for a meeting, I suggested on our Facebook group to have one so that any concerns could be shared. Unfortunately only Melissa Stapleton, Melissa Santos, Alice, Lauren, Talha and Theo attended which made it difficult to make decisions. Nevertheless, we agreed that decisions did have to be made because time is of the essence now.

We began discussing what the opening night team and curation team had discussed to make a decision on what works for both: so having the drinks in the side room, having a music playlist, white table cloths etc etc. We also agreed that we would appreciate having invigilators from other years for the event so that we could host our guests.

Soon this meeting turned to marketing and the lack of it! We thought that we need to be advertising on social media, getting posters and fliers plus getting together special invites together. With time short, we looked at the posters on the Google drive which had be designed and the team decided which they liked. The bottom right one was selected as it is contemporary and adaptable.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.40.29

This now means we can continue to think about posters and fliers with different images. Now we must speak with Ellen Terry reception to think about getting a poster at the front of the building, opposite the gallery for more exposure. I gave Lauren some feedback on her video and suggested to have it shorter and to fit with the music beat to tie the music in better. She is now working on this. I will continue to work with the design and start wording together invites.

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