Curation Meetings 1 & 2

On Wednesday 30th April Melissa Stapleton, Melissa Santos as I went to the Art shop to purchase foam board so that we could make a scale model of the exhibition space. Once back at uni, Stapleton and I printed off the new blueprints sent by Craig and Greg to work out a new ration to make the model to. It worked out being 3cm : 1m to maximise the size of the board. This took a great deal of maths to work out, subtracting unusable wall space from the plans and then marking on the model where these spaces are. Building the gallery was quite simple from this point on.

Me and Melissa Santos working out measurements


After the whole group spoke with Matt discussing what technical requirements we individually have, the curatorial team was joined by Hollie, Joseph, Lee and Ioana. Lee added up how much wall space people had requested from the Google Doc which was much higher than we could accommodate for, even with the additional nine floating walls. We agreed that another doc had to be made, asking the group to be much more realistic with their desired wall space, after we measured just what 2 metres would look like.

Lee posted on our Facebook group linking to the new Doc which was filled up.

Screenshot by Melissa Santos


From this point we couldn’t do more until this was filled up ready for our next meeting.

In the second meeting on 7th May 2014, Melissa Santos, Lee, Hollie, Talha, Ioana, Joseph and I were present. We went through notes which were sent to me by Melissa Stapleton concerning the Opening Night meeting which occurred the previous day. From this we discussed the drinks ‘bar’ area and the use of business cards and how that would work with the overall aesthetics of the gallery. We decided that we would prefer a bar to be in a side room to let the gallery be a gallery space and ask first/second year students to give out drinks for guests on entry into the space. Secondly, we thought that the business cards should not be next to the works as they can get untidy and so thought that there should be an option to put a contact detail on the text panels.

After this we addressed the Google Doc we made last week and started to think about what people’s requests were and how it could work with the space. The difficulty is that still lots of people’s size requests are over 2 metres and many of the fixed walls in the gallery are just over 3 metres so we can’t fit people next to each other on these walls.Theo has requested 4 metres so he could only be placed on one wall on the left, but it would possible dwarf other people’s work and space. The back wall had already been requested in the doc as well.

Picture: Melissa Santos


We decided to go over to the space to get a clearer idea of what it looks like and how might we add floating walls. We noticed that in the far right corner there was already a wall installed which would be perfect to fit my work in as I require a corner. Joseph asked Keith Holmes whether we could keep the wall- he agreed and confirmed that we could have more than nine floating walls. We also discovered there was more white wall space next to the front window on the left hand side. This news made it a lot easier when we went back to the drawing board. In the space we could visualise where some work could go and so we had a starting point.

We managed to work out roughly how we could get everyone in to the space and roughly thinking about aesthetics of what work should not be together. However, we cannot do any further work until we have received pictures of what the final works will look like to try them in the model.


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.11.41


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