Framers and presenting prints double sided

After much thought about how I want to display my work in exhibition I went to a framers today in Chesterfield. Last week I spoke with Jon Legge about how best I could display prints which Jinx has lent me to display in the archive. On the back of the prints are stamps and handwritten captions so I think that the back is just as interesting as the front. I thought that maybe I have a plinth with a glass box over the top so that viewers could walk around it. However, Jon suggested framing them prints double sided. I liked this idea and so looked into it. I found a framers online who have done double sided framing before so sent them an email explaining what I wanted. After several email exchanges I agreed to bring my prints to the shop to measure up and speak with them directly. They were extremely helpful and friendly and understood exactly what I was after.

My frames will be 28cm by 28cm, but the mounts inside will be different to accommodate for the landscape and portrait print. I was offered different frames and colour mounting- I decided on a thin black frame with graphite colour mount. One of the prints Jinx has given to me as a gift and so I would like it to be kept in the frame, so I requested UV gallery glass to preserve the print. However, this glass is expensive and so couldn’t warrant the expense for both frames. The framer said that there wouldn’t be a huge difference in the appearance of the glass.


Frame Mount
Collecting the Frames


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