Preparing the Website

As I have decided to use my website to host my pre-exhibition online exhibition, I needed to add pages in preparation.

Because I have decided to release weekly teaser videos, I needed to make a code so that I could embed them, with a professional look. I decided to look for open source- the first open source embedding video code I found was Video.JS and it’s great- I can customise it before copying the HTML code, without having to make a fuss of the Style Sheet. Simple! It does, however, mean that I can only use .MP4 files, so I had to use a converter so that my .MOV files were suitable. I am really pleased with this result. From my home page, a viewer will be able to click on the George Rodger Archive section which will lead straight onto this page. I plan that every Thursday, the video hosted on this page will be different; but the previous videos will be ‘archived’ on another sub page.



On weekdays I would like to release new pictures as I have discussed before, with a colourful aesthetic. These pictures will be posted on Twitter with a link to the website, where they will all be archived together on the #Story38 page. Alongside these images there will also be the archived videos. So I wanted to find a gallery which has a tiled look so that the viewer can see the collection as a whole- then they can enlarge each one to see them more clearly. I also wanted to find one which is suitable for videos as well. Finding open source code for this, without having to go to the trouble of using Java, isn’t very easy; however, I found this website Cincopa. You have to upload your files to the website and it generates the code- I tried this a few times before being happy with the result. There is an option to change what the thumb nails look like- the default is the ratio to preview a video size; however, my pictures are square so the previews were strange looking. I decided to go with the circular previews which on hover change to squares. I’m pleased I found this code, as it also so easy to use; however, it does mean that I will have to change it daily on the website then copy the code over.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.31.57

I feel that I also need a piece of text to explain a little bit more about my project and so added the third page ‘exhibition’. It informs the viewer of the physical exhibition in Coventry, but more importantly explains what the project is about. I wanted to include a short history of George and archive and what the view should expect and what I have been doing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 13.31.28

I am really pleased with what I managed to do with open source code, as well as being able to make it work with the aesthetics of my website. I hope that this will help generate more traffic to my website and interest in my project. Leading up to the launch I made some tweets to try and get some excitement for it- I managed to get a few retweets which I am happy with- I will be monitoring my stats to see how successful it is.

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