Preparing teasers

So I decided that I wanted to have an online campaign before the physical exhibition. But what I wanted to release I didn’t want to be revealing of the archive’s contents online. This is because once it is published online, it can be taken out of context. Therefore, I have decided to crop pictures and add a frame to each.

Tiny Teasers
Tiny Teasers

These are just little ideas: using different coloured frames so that there is an aesthetic which ties them together. I think that if these images are posted online then they are victim to be taken apart, but having a frame, like the others, makes it part of a set.


I don’t want to use garish bold colours, not black and white, so I have decided to use a soft colour palette which is suitable for the web. I have found however, that come ‘baby’ colours do not work with images as they can wash them out.

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