Selecting Archive Pictures

Jinx agreed to lend me a couple of prints from the archive to exhibit next to my work. I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to have original archive prints to add originality and validity to my work. I did go to the archive and to prove it, I brought a part of the archive back; a rare sight.

Jinx asked me which prints I would like to take (WOW!) however, because I was basing my work on Story 38, the story of the Nubas, I thought that taking prints from this story would accompany my work perfectly. The prints I selected are famous ones indeed, one of which I featured in the book as well. However Jinx and I looked at the backs of the prints more than the fronts because I said that I would like to show prints with the most interesting scriptures. Having prints with George’s, Jinx’s and/or Jonathan’s (their son) hand writing on adds much more value and emphasis on how the archive is personal to the family. Jinx is the archivist and Jonathan loved to print George’s work during his later years.

The prints I selected were printed in the 1990s which means that they are not vintage prints, but the backs are still extremely interesting. Furthermore, Jinx has offered one to me as a gift. An offer of course I cannot refuse!

Box of Prints (Story 38)
Box of Prints (Story 38)

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