Task 1 // 354MC

When preparing your presentation, reflect on and respond to the following.

Identify where you may like to situate yourself.
What are you interested in and where would you like to be?

Finishing my second year at university I felt confident with my photography and ability to make pictures and photobooks with the success of my Picbod work Unwelcome Invitation. I was also extremely keen on organising exhibitions and have an influential role in the curation. I felt as though I would happily go into this direction in my career.

As I have been working through my third and final year at university, I have been focussing less on my photography: I have found that as much as I take pleasure from taking pictures, I’m not as enthusiastic as I am with other projects I have undertaken. I started a project on the George Rodger Archive- I researched a lot on George Rodger and digitising photography archives and I found that I had a real interest in this area as well. I have found that I actually have a strong opinion on digitising archives and this has steered the second half of my studies: in both my symposium and degree show project on the George Rodger Archive.

I have also been working with Jonathan Worth and rewriting the Phonar class for children in California- we called it CaliPhonar. This project has been going on since November/December time and I really enjoy teaching unconventionally (over the internet). From getting experience in writing hour long classes, I held a workshop at a primary school using some of the same themes. I loved it.

But this leaves me with three roads to consider: curation, archives and teaching. It’s difficult because although I took a big part in organising the symposium event, I haven’t done an awful lot of curation this year– not least on an exhibition level. I love reading about and looking at different archives; however, I don’t feel as though I want to jump into an MA studying more about them on a serious note. I don’t exactly want to work for and archive but with it. I have really enjoyed talking to Jinx Rodger about her archive, selecting parts of it, trying to make sense of it and in fact, curating it into my own work. I feel as though I would like to continue this as my practice- looking at how we can pull quiet narratives from an archive and give it life. As for the teaching- I also don’t want to do a teaching qualification yet- I want to be out in the world, getting valuable experience so that my teaching is more valuable.
Consider what work do you do and what is your market?

What is my market? I guess my market really is prospective students who want to learn more about photography in their free time. Giving them fun but also valuable lessons about photography and representation. But in terms of my work? I would like to educate people about archives and their content through my own work- putting together pieces which informs an audience about archives in an interesting way.

Do you have an exemplar (role model) you identify with?

Not exactly- I have taken a lot from working with Jonathan: he is confident and successful in what he does and I do take that as something to look up to. I highly respect Aaron Guy and his work with the North England Mining Institute- he has great knowledge about the current changes in digitisation of archives too.

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