Meeting Greg and Craig

Melissa and I met up with Greg and Craig who deal with the technical side of putting on an exhibition. We wanted to meet with them to get the blue prints of the space so that curation can start to be considered. With plenty of aforethought to curtion means that there is much less stress on the days we hang the work. It also means that we can build a model to trial and error which work fits with what.

In the meeting they explained to us the deadlines for requesting different equipment which we need for the exhibition and that the sooner we know where work will be placed, they can start thinking about how much wiring and preparation needs to be done. They took our details and said that we would be their point of contact. Shortly after Melissa and I were taken to the gallery space to have a look around, we were told where the plug sockets are and where projectors can be installed on the overheads.

Speaking with Greg and Craig reminded me that exhibitions are successful with a team of different skills. It is important to communicate efficiently so that the teams are happy and clear as to what needs to be done.

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