Working with Light

Although I co-write and teach photography classes, it seems pretty hypocritical with how little I seriously take photos. I did for the #Phonar class in the autumn, but my heart hasn’t been into picking up the camera since over a year ago when I did my Picbod work, Unwelcome Invitation. I look at my work then and I see lots of flaws in the aesthetics of the pictures and only regret not ‘shooting more’.

KateGreen28 Instagram
KateGreen28 Instagram

With a three day shoot planned with Jinx in a couple of weeks time, which I know the lighting conditions are going to be problematic with small windows giving little light. I’ve noticed that my Instagram behaviour recently suggests that I am chasing the natural light (so to speak) and seeing how I can work with it. I think that this has actually really helped with my photography without really knowing it.

When I went home for the weekend, I photographed Aaron in my house: he was pretty disinterested in being photographed, which was fine by me, this meant that I could do all my direction with ease.

I was advised to start taking pictures again before meeting Jinx, which I could only agree: with her background working with experienced talented photographers I will be extremely nervous and no doubt doubting my ability to be a photographer. To my surprise, working with light and people came quite naturally to me again. Understanding where to look for light to place the subject.

I have decided that I would like Jinx to sit down for many of my photographs on a seat, not a stool. This being that it will give her a more solid structure. Furthermore, if I want to spend time on a particular shot I want her to be comfortable.

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