The Seal of Approval

I spoke woth Jinx’s son Jon today on the phone and I explained to him my project. I was wary that with our speradic emailing that he wasn’t as enthusiastic about the project as I was.

In the conversation I explained my intentions:

  • The make an assortment of handmade books to showcase stories of the archive as told by Jinx
  • To couple my portraits of Jinx, with pictures of artefacts and photographs by George himself
  • To conduct a scheme whereby the archive can be shared and distributed, but not with the information being disclosed on the Internet, but by means of a ‘pass-the-book’ exercise.

Jon is happy for me to use the archive in this way for my project, to make books and to use George’s work which of course I shall be crediting. I am extremely pleased that I have managed to have this conversation with Jon before I start any serious picture-taking with Jinx; now I feel a lot more confident having the full backing from the family.

I was caught unawares with this conversation (I was actually sat in Leicester service station) so I didn’t feel prepared in the slightest to, so to speak, pitch my idea to him. Having spoken to several people about my project and as it has unfolded has meant that I am more confident in what I am saying and that I am learned in this area in so far as I believe I can make a great project.

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