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  1. This is an important topic to consider – and congratulations on tackling this topic in your research. As an archiver for business – specifically – social media archiving – there are many facets to consider in what to do or how to extract value now and historically from social data. Obviously one of the challenges is more noise unlike archiving letters, memorandum and other written material in the course of communicating in the past.

    Also add in the concept of forgetting – or for a good read on the topic of what should be saved versus deleted – see – Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

    The challenge in archiving is the multiple needs for archiving. First is certainly from a historic capacity – saving what we communicate to later determine what is (insert term here) profound/important/revealing et al. The logic of an archiving process has to be able to carve out the meaningless clutter to be able to surface through search and analysis those data to be tagged for safekeeping.

    Much of the value in underlying archives can also be missed at first glance as often business are pursuing the process of archiving for regulatory or other governance needs – not necessarily taking the time to evaluate or classify data to be reviewed.

    It is a challenging but very important field – I hope to see more emphasis on research in this area.

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