Ref:1181 Chief Operator’s Log

Chief Operator’s Log 1966

Sunday 1st May 

First day as resident chief

Saturday 2nd May

Mr Garcia lostsound on PT1 of feature. change over the share amplifiers. Still no sound. Found solder join dry, remained same and carried on with programme. Report sent to H.O

Sunday 15th May checked amplifier and as not happy with first stage

Saturday 19th May Childrens programmes shown by Mr Garcia. A very late finish 12.20. Started week programme 12.48. Very bad.

Sunday 2rd July until Wednesday 6th uly Mr Garcia on holiday

Tuesday 2nd August Projection room cleaned and stairways swept and polished (and they needed it)

Saturday 6th August Usual routine nothing special

Monday 15th August Once more a long hard day 1 o’clock start. Mr Wallis and myself on duty. Machines cleaned and vox floor polished.

Thursday 25th Childrens’ programmes made up and second feature for Sunday

Saturday 27th August Childrens’ programmes shown by Mr Garcia and Mr Wallis. Slight 50 cycle hum on share amplifier- changes over to main track.

Sunday 28th August Chief Projectionist went sick- Mr Garcia 2nd projctionist takes over.

25th September Starting my holiday tonight for 1 week

Pages ripped out until 2nd October

Saturday 5th November Handed in my notice to the manager

Saturday 12th November My last day with the Odeon Sevenoaks in fact my last day with rank. So ends another 12 years. I was given operators farewell. 


Then 2nd projectionist Mr Garcia becomes chief projectionist and begins a more systematic approach to logging. Very repetitious.

Sunday 4th December 1966 Sunday programme Post Command and East West Island, Look at Life, ads, trailer made up by Mr Garcia.

During 1967 written the films shown at top  of the log book pages.

Screen installed 21/7/67


17th March 1968 Trainee starts

13th October – 2nd November Sound of Music 2 showings daily.




From looking at this I have been able to narrow a time period down to the mid 1960s. I am going to look further into this era.

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