#Phonar pre-task

Tell the story of your journey to school. Bring it to the first session to share.
– If you don’t go to school, tell your journey to work, or to anywhere for that matter.


When I read this task I was on vacation in Florida and I thought that I may as well tell a story from there. It’s easy when you’re holidaying to not see beyond the tourist facade. I decided to use my phone to take images (I didn’t actually have a choice because I didn’t take a camera), but I wanted to take images of what my eye had caught past what the environment was forcing me to see. I didn’t have an idea of what ‘journey’ I wanted to tell because every journey I made was different; so instead these images indicate a general journey.

However, when I was looking through them I noticed that I had been drawn to communication (either telecommunications of  infrastructure designs (be it as roads/places to socialise/public transport). Thinking about it: currency is communication, promising the vendor the sum of a couple of dollars in exchange for a bus journey up the road.

It is nice to photograph a new place with a ‘trained’ eye and I am glad that I used this area: I don’t think that I could think as visually back in Coventry for this task although I guess my ‘journey’ is very haphazard.

















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