Santander PHOTO

Seven level two photography students are taking the last steps in organising their trip to Santander. Following the success of the #Picbod13 Exhibition at Fargo in Coventry, two remote students on the course have been working collaboratively with the students organising another exhibition overseas.

Picbod Exhibition, Fargo Coventry, March 2013
Picbod Exhibition, Fargo Coventry, March 2013


The Picbod course, led by Matt Johnston, was a hit, engaging audiences online from all over the world. Charo Ruiz Davila and Ana Martin are two remote students from Santander, who both took part in the weekly tasks and were valuable for online feedback as well as supporting the exhibition in Coventry. Their encouragement did not stop at the end of the ten week course, but continued with their enthusiasm to hold an exhibition in Spain.


“Though the internet course is engaging, the personal contact, a face to face relationship is undoubtedly a better way to share the passion and enjoyment of something as creative and enticing as photography” – Charo Davila


Enclave Pronillo, Santander
Enclave Pronillo, Santander

Charo and Ana have successfully collaborated with the Coventry Students to create “Santander PHOTO” which will be exhibited 6th-8th June 2013. The photography event is supported by Espacio Imagen, Asociación de Fotografía y video de Sanatander (, and the Fundación Santander Creativa (


“It is a chance to let people from Santander to know about PICBOD. An opportunity to celebrate a gathering where students, amateur and professional photographers could exchange knowledge, watch and learn from other people work, and of course have fun taking pictures.” – Charo Davila


Kate, Brian, Iosef, Imogen, Caroline, Hollie and Ioana are excited to share the Picbod experience overseas to expand the online community. They are flying 5th June, loaded with work and equipment to continue their photographic practice during their stay.

Enclave Pronillo, Santander

Enclave Pronillo, Santander

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